The Best Regional Hot Dogs in America

From coast-to-coast, each major American city has it’s own take on the mighty frank. In Chicago, Vienna Beef hot dogs—the official hot dog of the Chicago Cubs—are “dragged through the garden” with mustard (never ketchup… don’t even think about it), bright green relish, a pickle spear and sport peppers. It’s rival, naturally, is the simple, but classic New York hot dog found at Papaya King where grilled dogs are topped with sauerkraut and a slap of mustard and served with a mysterious papaya drink. Folks in Detroit swoon over chili-slathered Coney dogs, while certain parts of California prefer their dogs made with organic, grass-fed beef. On a weekend where we celebrate all things American, check another dog off your hot dog bucket list with the most iconic regional hot dogs you absolutely must try.