Employee Brand Assets

Brand Colors:

Primary Colors

The Primary Palette should be applied in all of Goldbely's branded materials. Theses are the primary make up of our brand and it is important to use the exact colors listed which we have displayed below. (Percentage tints can be used in any of these colors).



RGB: 240r81g83b

CMYK: 0c83.98m65.23y0k

HEX: #F05153

PMS:178 C


RGB: 31r190g204b

CMYK: 69.53c0m21.88y0k


PMS:319 C


RGB: 51r51g51b

CMYK: 69.43c63.23m62.1y 58.36k

HEX: #333333

PMS: Neutral Black C


Secondary Colors

While the primary color palette will make up the majority of color used in our branded materials, sometimes there is a need for more variation which is where our secondary color palette comes in. This palette should be used only to support the primary brand colors. For print and web work that involve more information, these colors can help display content more clearly. 



RGB: 246r205g98b

CMYK: 3.63c17.99m72.85y0k

HEX: #F6CD62

PMS:134 C


RGB: 229r227g217b

CMYK: 9.31c7.12m12.99y0k

HEX: #E5E3D9

PMS: Warm Gray 1 C


RGB: 255r252g244b

CMYK: 0c0.49m3.38y0k


PMS: P 1-9 C