New York City. Please Stand Up! Papaya King Dogs Are Going On Tour – Directly To Your Mouth

Never has man been able to enjoy a NY dog without feeling the rumble of the subway bellow and bumping bodies with half a dozen strangers in a cramped corner shop. But dreams do come true. Now shipping Papaya King’s iconic NY dogs errywhere (that means nationwide, people!).

Gus Poulos came through Ellis Island from Greece with no family and no money. In 1931, Gus unleashed the power of juice onto New Yorkers with his tiny corner juice stand. Unfortunately, the trend didn’t quite catch on for another 80 years.

When juice didn’t seem to do the trick, Gus started selling juice’s natural counterpart— the hot dog. Now you can juice like a true American—with a frank smothered in kraut, onions and mustard.

We’re Not The Only Ones Who Love ‘Em!

Papaya King is a well-known favorite of Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain who mentioned them in his 2006 book The Nasty Bits. But you guys will probably remember them from Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother episodes. True Story wiki them.