Meet the Greatest App in Foodie History

What are you craving right now? We’re craving Southern Red Velvet Cake – salivating over here!! But we’re in San Francisco. Which is a problem… until today.

Here at Goldbely, we care about food deeply. We believe that food is personal. It is a passion and some may even argue, a relationship. We want to bring those beloved foods to everyone without limitations, which is why we’re over the moon to announce that we’re launching our first mobile app on iOS today!

If you’re anything like us, a craving can happen at any time and you shouldn’t have to wait to order something until you get home. Now with just a tap on your phone, you can order any meal you’re craving instantly – anytime, anywhere – to be delivered to your doorstep the very next day.

We’re even calling this the next must-have app for foodies because it’s the first and only food delivery app built around what you love to eat – not where you live. So whether you live on the East Coast, West Coast, Sun Belt or Bible Belt – you can use the Goldbely app to order any of your favorite dishes right in the moment that a craving hits you. Equipped with all of the legendary local restaurants and great gourmet food purveyors available on, our curated gourmet selection offers the best foods of all time.

So no matter where you call home, we’ve got you covered. Just grab your phone, hit up the app store and download Goldbely to order that buttery Chicago Deep Dish, zesty Southern BBQ or yummy Texas Pecan Pie right now. Hurry before the hungry sets in!