We've got Scuffins! An epic mashup of a Scone and a Muffin

Mashups are not limited to music; food explorers are known to rejoice at the blending of two or more food hits into one. The Cronut is one of recent fame, but let’s take it back to the O.G. of food mashups: The Scuffin.

From the same coast that introduced you to Dre featuring Snoop D-O-double G, comes a delicious duet of a flaky Scone with the stout and sexy shape of a Muffin. And like a jelly doughnut, it encloses a sweet shot of organic fruit preserves in the middle.

Farmer Al of Frog Hollow Farm has been droppin’ mad farm-to-table beats (err bites!) for a long time, re-inventing the way we enjoy fruit though tarts, muffins n’ scuffins. Made of organic fruits plucked from his 143 organic farm right outside of San Francisco, he gives a new meaning to Fresh to def!

Check out the Scuffin feature in the NY Times!

The Scuffin Takes The Cake!