Yup, we finally did it: Primanti Bros. Epic Sandwich Shipped For The First Time Ever!

Greetings food explorers!  After months and months of testing and eating and shipping and more eating (and we’re absolutely NOT complaining here), we’ve finally figured out the secret to making Pittsburgh’s most iconic sandwich available nationwide.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, you can get a Primanti Bros. epic MONSTER of a sandwich, loaded with their signature meat, cheese, coleslaw and even french fries. All of it–yes–all of it sent to you straight from the heart of Steelers territory.

Joe Primanti started selling his loaded sandwiches from a cart to hungry truckers and early-morning workers over 80 years ago. The sandwiches soon proved to be a delicious solution for these blue-collar workers who needed their meal on-the-go. 

The challenge is no longer how to get this behemoth of meat, cheese, fries, and slaw in you hands, but how to keep it there and not all over your shirt.