Infuse Your Booze With Fruity Tea Cocktails!

Behold NYC-born Owl’s Brew. Teologists who handcraft teas for cocktails, especially designed to pair with vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin and rum. We’ve even discovered they are perfect with wines and craft beers too!

  • The Classic Brew: Is an English Breakfast tea with lemon & lime. Perfect for Arnold Palmer lovers. Pairs well with gin and wheat beer.
  • The Pink & Black Brew: Is a blend of darjeeling, hibiscus and lemon peel, with strawberry juice. It mixes well with vodka, bourbon and can really kick up a your favorite summer sangria.
  • The Coco-lada: Is a blend of black tea, coconut, chai spices and pineapple concentrate. Mixes well with spiced rum, champagne, vodka and stout beer.

Owl’s Brew teas are micro-brewed in small batches using all-natural, whole ingredients, low in sugar and loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins.