Omnomnom Is The New Black

Getting up early to shop for non-NOMable gifts just ain’t our style. We’ll trade the potential black eye for a mouthful of Ovenly’s heavenly Brooklyn Blackout Cake or William Greenberg’s classic black and white cookies.

From Ovenly – in Brooklyn, NY

Ovenly has created quite the cult following for their unexpected twists on classic pastry treats. Made with Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout and lots of dark chocolate, this deliciously rich cake is slathered with salty dark chocolate pudding and finished with a chocolate pudding buttercream. See your future in this cake—blacked out in deep dark chocolatey bliss.


From William Greenberg – in New York, NY

This signature New York bakery has been churning out these giant cookies featuring a soft vanilla cake-like base topped with rich fudge and vanilla icings since the 1940s. Half chocolate, half vanilla, half cookie, half cake—these bodega classics kind of have an identity crisis going on. That’s okay, though, because we love them just the way they are.