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The Delicious History of Chicago’s Deep Dish

Perhaps no food is more synonymous with Chicago than a towering slice of deep dish pizza. While pizza the world over can trace its roots to Italy, specifically Napoli, the mastermind of Chicago’s infamous abyssal delight is a point of contention for some. We know that deep dish first made its appearance in 1943 at a restaurant now known as Pizzeria Uno.

But whose idea was it to make a thick, crispy crust with the sauce, toppings and cheese inverted? Some claim it was Uno’s founder Ike Sewell who came up with the concept, while other sources attribute the recipe to Rudy Malnati, the original pizza chef of Uno’s, whose son went on to found the ubiquitous Lou Malnati’s pizza chain. Whoever came up with the idea, we’re greatly indebted to them and their crispy, cheesy vision. Tall, buttery crust is baked in a deep metal pan to contain the cornucopia of toppings. We’ll let you catch your breath for a moment, then suggest you get your hands on some authentic Lou Malnati’s pies right here on Goldbely.