Happy IndePIEdence Day

The Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and English all had a hand in it, but it’s the Americans who perfected it – The Pie.  This star-studded concoction has come a long way since its inception around the time of the Ancient Egyptians, and has since evolved to become the most traditional American dessert.

The pie first made its way to the Land of the Free with the first English settlers and grew in popularity due to the fact that it was cheaper to make than bread and preserved the filling well. As Pioneers moved west and settled into their lands, they showcased local ingredients in their fillings like the Key Lime Pie from Florida or the Marionberry Pie from Oregon.  

So what is it about pies that make them All-American? Perhaps it’s their large variety in flavors (everything from apples to sweet potatoes) that reflects the rich diversity of our great land. Maybe it’s the idea of taking something and constantly trying to improve it that is so innate in the American spirit. Or perhaps it’s as simple as gathering around a warm pie and sharing a slice with family and loved ones.

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is agreed upon, no celebration of our great nation is complete without pie – so make sure to check out Goldbely’s collection of All-American pies and have a Happy IndePIEdence Day!