IT’S-IT is What It’s All About

The classic IT’S-IT ice cream sandwich, lovingly bound by two thick oatmeal cookies, then crowningly dipped in smooth, dark chocolate. Mmmmm~

The Ice Cream Sandwich – the undeniable king of ice cream trucks, savior of sweltering hot summer days, and the much-appreciated winner of ‘foods that make kids stop crying.’ There is no going around it – from Wall Street brokers to heavy metal musicians – everyone loves a good ice cream sandwich.

While there is much debate about its history, we know this sweet treat came onto the scene some time in the 1800s and immediately became a hit. The ice cream sandwich not only added a crispy dimension to the smooth, creamy ice cream, but also made ice cream portable. You could now enjoy your ice cream while cheering your favorite team at a ball game, tanning at the beach, or walking around the city, and still have one empty hand to do all the necessary things in life (read: hold hands with that special someone, catch a frisbee, or ride a bike – this may take practice).

IT’S-IT has been making ice cream sandwiches since the 1920s in San Francisco, CA and boy, will you be glad they’re right here on Goldbely. Get your hands on their vanilla, mint, or cappuccino ice cream, lovingly nestled between two oatmeal cookies, and dipped in silky, dark chocolate (you might have to wipe that drool off your keyboard).