Ben’s Chili Bowl – POTHS (President Of The Half Smoke)

The Smithsonian Institute, The Capitol, The White House – while there may be many must-see destinations in our nation’s great capital, here’s one DC gem you may not have heard of that’s a true national treasure – the Half-Smoke. Now, before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t your regular old chili dog candidate; the half-smoke is a coarsely ground, half beef-half pork, spicy sausage that’s smoked and then grilled to a crisp-char and then covered with chili, mustard, and onions.

Stop! There’s no need to open that new browser tab and book your ticket to DC just yet. No one does a Half-Smoke like Ben’s Chili Bowl – a DC joint that’s been making a name for itself and serving celebrities (Bill Cosby),  politicians (including President Obama) and hungry tourists (Food Explorer’s holy trinity of checks and balances). More than half a century ago, Ben and his wife, Virginia, started making their famous half smokes, topped with their secret-recipe chili and it’s now available on Goldbely! No matter where your allegiances lie on the political spectrum, there’s no denying the high approval ratings of Ben’s Chili Bowl!