Churro Cake. Yes, you read that correctly. The couple we’ve all been rooting for finally got together in a glorious blaze of brown butter and cinnamon sugar. These star-crossed lovers have danced around each other for ages—one ogling the other’s luscious buttercream layers from its amusement park booth confines, watching from the sidelines as it’s mashed up with everything from pies to popsicles… never quite meeting until this very moment thanks to the Momofuku Milk Bar alumnae behind Large Marge.

Large Marge’s Churro Cake features two layers of handmade brown butter cinnamon cake with Mexican chocolate frosting, churro snaps, Pralinella (like Nutella only with pecans… YUM) and is topped with freshly fried churros.

Order one now. Tell ’em Large Marge sent ya.