Hand Pies Filled with Apple + Nutella + Mac & Cheese! OhPIEGosh!

 Dale's Fried Pies Shipping Nationwide

Pie is easily one of humanity’s greatest creations. Its one achilles crust… er heel? Portability. Enter the hand pie. Dale’s Fried Pies serves up warm & gooey pies that perfectly fit in your hand from her retro pie stand in Knoxville, TN. Everyone from Buzzfeed to The Huffington Post has been dying over these little golden pockets, naming Dale’s pies something you must try before you die. And we agree!

For the first time ever, Dale and her posse of perfect little pies are going nationwide, so you can savor a bit of hand held heaven from your home. Bake ’em or fry ’em, how you decide to devour them is totally up to you!