THE Legendary Stone Crab From The Florida Keys

 Keys Fisheries' Florida Stone Crab

As the old saying goes, you’ve gotta crack a few claws to have one of the best seafood experiences EVER. Keys Fisheries catches some of the freshest local seafood from their marina in the Keys just north of the 7 Mile Bridge. How did they reach legendary status? Keys Fisheries is the nation’s top provider of Florida stone crabs. Rare and highly sought after, Florida stone crabs are found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and served at some of the area’s most popular restaurants, including Miami Beach’s iconic stone crab restaurant—yes, THAT one. Let’s just say that Keys’ claws are the best of the best from under the sea—take it from us.

The season for stone crabs ends in May, so now’s your chance to getcha claws on some of the nation’s freshest seafood!