The One Babka to Rule Them All

 Green's Chocolate & Cinnamon Babkas

The iconic babka loaded with chocolate swirls at Green’s gives us life. And they taste pretty darn good, too. Don’t believe us? SeriousEats recently named Green’s swirly loaves the best traditional babkas in NYC (which is basically saying the best in the country)! Using a recipe that emigrated with the family from Hungary after World War II, the Green children opened a kosher Brooklyn bakery in their mother’s honor. Green’s handcrafts rugelach, hammentashen and more Eastern European goodies, but it’s their knockout babka that has the entire city hooked.

Rich, flaky and filled with those sexy swirls, Green’s babkas are so good that the iconic 2nd Ave. Deli + other iconic delis and NYC markets serve babkas baked at Green’s… and so should you.