Polish Pierogi Peddlers Spotted in Denver

 Baba & Pops Pierogi

There’s a reason cultures around the world have their own version of a dumpling. Meat and veggies tucked into a delicious blob of dough? Uhm, yes please. Poland’s version of these plump, doughy bites? Pierogi. And Baba & Pops is handcrafting ’em just like owner Jeremy’s great-grandparents (affectionately known as Baba & Pop) did over 100 years ago. When Baba & Pop emigrated from Poland, they brought their family’s tradition of making pierogi for the family. Now Jeremy and his wife serve fresh, all natural pierogi using the same recipe to serve Denver out of their tiny food truck.

Fresh handmade dough overflowing with everything from traditional creamy potatoes and cheese to pulled pork… Is this what love feels like?