It’s a NY Bagel Miracle… H&H Bagels Go Nationwide!

 NYC's H&H Bagels Ships Nationwide

Just when you thought H&H Bagels was toast… NYC’s legendary bagel shop is back! Named one of NYC’s best bagel shops by The NYT, Food Network & more, H&H Bagels hit legendary status for their bagels and for its cultural significance in the city. Founded in 1972, H&H is the shop even Hollywood name drops as NYCs quintessential bagel. Featured in You’ve Got Mail, Sex in the City & Seinfeld (where Kramer went on his 12-year-long strike), H&H became famous thanks to their cult-like following.

So when they closed, residents nearby (as well as fans around the world) were devastated. H&H had left a hole in New Yorkers’ hearts. Now the old recipe is back and better than ever. Kettle-boiled and baked on burlap-covered boards, H&H’s bagels continue the old fashioned tradition that’s uniquely New York.