“Hot Guts” From the Oldest BBQ Joint in Texas

 Elgin Hot Guts Now Shipping Nationwide

“Butcher today. Deliver tomorrow.” That was Southside Market & Barbeque’s mantra in 1882 when the first cuts of meat were brought into town on founder William J. Moon’s wagons and delivered door-to-door. Smoking the extra meat he couldn’t sell in the traditional German style, Moon incidentally made Elgin’s first hot guts sausage. Still located in Elgin (now the official sausage capital of Texas) over a century later, Southside Market is the oldest BBQ joint in Texas. Featured on the Travel Channel as a Central Texas icon, their juicy hot guts are seasoned with black pepper & cayenne and slowly smoked in local post oak wood pits. As one of our favorite smoky, spicy & incredibly juicy sausages in the nation, we’re absolutely hooked on a hot gut feeling.