Chef Thomas Keller’s Pure Bred Lamb

 Pure Bred Lamb Shipped Nationwide

Pure Bred Lamb from Chef Thomas Keller & Keith Martin was developed on the principles of treating the animals respectfully. Famed American restaurateur and award-winning chef, Thomas Keller (renowned for his three-Michelin-starred restaurants Per Se & The French Laundry) partnered with shepherd Keith Martin to develop a method of raising lamb that is both tender and pure in flavor—the same quality Keller serves at his award-winning restaurants.

Pure Bred lamb lives up to its name not just from the breed—a traditional cross between a Dorset ewe with a Suffolk ram—but because they use the “Safe Alternative® method” developed by Keller and Martin for strategic quality control in tracking all lambs. By inspecting the flock carefully, Pure Bred Lamb is able to provide the nation’s top chefs (and you) the best possible cuts of lamb.