We Got 99 Problems, but a PEACH Ain’t One! 🍑

 California Peaches, Pluots, Pastries & More

With a 143-acre organic farm in California, Frog Hollow Farm is home to hundreds of peach, pluot (a cross between a plum and an apricot) & nectarine trees. Deciding to go fully organic in 1989, Farmer Al stewards his land with care to produce some of the most beautiful seasonal fruit in the nation. In season now, Frog Hollow Farm’s O’Henry peaches (available this week only) are Farmer Al’s favorite to grill and their Cal Red variety (known for their sun-kissed blush and being outrageously juicy) has been featured in The New York Times. Harvested by hand, Frog Hollow Farm’s sweet, blushing peaches make their way into beautiful, rustic pastries handmade at their bakery on the farm. Layered with slices of their peaches and flaky pastry, the peach galette from Frog Hollow Farm’s bakery is truly a summer showstopper.