GOLD Donuts From Chef Wylie Dufresne

 Du's Donuts for the Oscars

Chef Wylie Dufresne made a name for himself with ground breaking, innovative cooking at his restaurant, wd~50. Now the James Beard award-winning chef has set his sights on donuts. More specifically, New England cake donuts inspired by the ones he grew up eating at his great grandfather’s diner in Rhode Island.

Named one of the best donut spots in NYC, Du’s Donuts is at the epicenter of the golden age of donuts in America. Taking a science-driven approach to the humble treat, Chef Dufresne spent months developing the perfect cake donut base, adding Instagram-perfect glazes inspired by the season. This season, Du’s has introduced the Gold Oscars Donuts topped with edible gold leaf and a shimmering vanilla glaze.