6 St. Patrick’s Day Desserts We’re Lucky to Feast On

St. Paddy’s Day is the one holiday where everything is green and the luck is Irish. March 17th only comes once a year, and America’s iconic food artisans are ready to celebrate this magical day with delicious treats. We’ve handpicked the most festive St. Patrick’s Day desserts that’ll have you saying “sláinte!”

Luck By the Pint: Tipsy Scoop’s Boozy Ice Cream

Everyone knows that Saint Patrick’s Day wouldn’t really be the same without boozy revelry. What better way to get your buzz on than with a few scoops of boozy ice cream from Tipsy Scoop? From Irish Coffee to Chocolate Stout and Pretzel, this dessert is magic in your mouth. Order here now »

Saintly Cheesecakes by The Nuns of New Skete

When Sister Magdalene, a nun with a love of baking, joined the Nuns of New Skete in the `70s, their heavenly cheesecake was born. The nuns have perfected the art of crafting divine slices for devotees to enjoy. In between prayers, the sisters bake up a small batch of yummy dessert each day. For St. Paddy’s you can’t go wrong with their Mint Chocolate or Irish Cream Cheesecake Order now before it’s too late »   

Shamrock Sugar Cookies by Elle’s Belles Bakery

At Goldbelly, we’re here to tell you that shamrocks ain’t just for picking. Devour a yummy shamrock sugar cookie that is sure to make every leprechaun green with envy. Hand-decorated with Elle’s cream cheese frosting, this legendary treat will have you feeling like you found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Order here today »

Guinness Stout Irish Chocolate Cake by Red Truck Bakery

Available only in March for St. Patrick’s Day, we look forward to Red Truck Bakery’s Guinness Stout Irish Chocolate Cake every year. Baked with Guinness Stout, Callebaut chocolate, and topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting—it’s like eating a big, boozy Oreo! If anyone ever told you that chocolate and beer don’t go together, they weren’t lucky enough to have enjoyed this treasure yet. Order here now »

Lucky Charms Cookie Gift Box by Sugar Monster

Sugar Monster’s magically delicious cookie bundle will be your lucky charm this year. Ashley Holt—winner of The Next Great Baker and Food Network’s Chopped—crafts cute little treats shaped into shamrocks, rainbows, and pots of gold. You won’t want to miss out on this show-stopping St. Patrick’s Day dessert! Order here today »

Rainbow Cake by Carlo’s Bakery

Nothing makes a leprechaun swoon more than the sight of a rainbow. That’s why the Rainbow Cake from Carlo’s Bakery is one of the most epic St. Patrick’s Day desserts to have this year. Covered in sprinkles, slice into this cake and you’ll be greeted with oodles of sweet, colorful flavor. Order here now »

More St. Patrick’s Day Desserts from Goldbelly

Your luck doesn’t have to stop here! If you’re looking for more St. Patrick’s Day desserts to catch even the most mischievous leprechaun, visit Goldbelly’s St. Paddy’s Day collection here »