Delicious Treats to Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Right

PSA! National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is just around the corner! And if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that, rain or shine, ice cream is one of the best, most delicious treats to indulge in. Just thinking about rich, creamy ice cream perfectly nestled in between wafers or cookies will put anyone in a good mood. 

If you’re an ice cream sandwich lover, then we’ve got news for you. At Goldbelly, we’ve put together a list of the most legendary Ice Cream Sandwiches in America that’ll help you celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day right. And, all of these delicious treats can be sent straight to your doorstep, anywhere in the U.S.

Nye's Cream Sandwiches

Transforming the traditional ice cream sandwich into a handcrafted, elegant delight, Nye’s Cream Sandwich will be your new addiction with just one bite. Try it for yourself and see how Nye’s redefined how delicious frozen desserts are. Order here now »



If you’re looking to indulge in a one of a kind experience, then look no further than Coolhaus. Their architecturally inspired cream treats are beautifully handcrafted and amazingly delicious. And everything they make is natural and organic. Even the wrapping paper is edible and calorie free. Order here now

IT'S-IT Ice Cream

Take your first bite of a San Francisco legend this year for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day with IT’S-IT Ice Cream. Pure happiness in your mouth, their ice cream sandwiches have been spreading love and joy since 1928. Try it for yourself! Order here now » 

Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream

Craving something sweet, tasty, and not suitable for children? Let us introduce you to a boozy ice cream delight, Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream Sandwiches. And yes, like the same suggests, these revolutionary treats come with a little bit of spirit. 5% of it to be exact. Get your buzz on and order here now »

Ice & Vice

Putting a tasty spin on a classic ice cream treat, Ice & Vice turns the ice cream sandwich you remember from your favorite childhood memories into a playful and experimental sweet surprise. Try out their signature Detention Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s perfectly crafted with malted vanilla ice cream sandwiched between Mexican chocolate brownies and coated in Fruity Pebble dust. Order here now » 

Lick Honest Ice Creams

Handcrafting their ice cream with natural, local Austin ingredients, the Ice Cream Sandwiches from Lick Honest Ice Creams is a one-of-a-kind Texas frozen treat. With so many delicious flavors to choose from, you’ll find something for everyone at Lick’s! Order here now »

Anderson's Frozen Custard

AND - Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches 24-Pack.jpg

Who doesn’t love custard? So, why not celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich day with a deliciously sweet ice cream sandwich made from the best frozen custard joint around. Hand-spun, homemade, and award-winning, these ice cream sandwiches will never disappoint. Order here now » 

Revival Ice Cream

Rich, creamy, and absolutely delicious, Revival Ice Cream takes ice cream sandwiches to the next level. They pride themselves on crafting the most sustainable ice cream, so all of their frozen treats are made with the freshest, in-season and locally sourced, organic ingredients around. Order here now » 

Is Your Sweet Tooth Still Not Satisfied?

If we haven’t satisfied your sweet tooth. Check out our complete list of ice cream delights from the most iconic places in America here. 

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