Legendary Keto-Friendly Foods Delivered Straight to Your Door

If you’ve decided to go keto, you’re not alone. This new, trending, low-carb, high-fat diet has been all the buzz lately, and continues to become more and more popular every day. And whether you’re a happy newcomer to this diet fad or you’ve been on the keto diet for years, you already know that one of the most frustrating parts about the keto diet--or really any diet--is figuring out what you can and can’t eat. We’re rolling our eyes just thinking about it! 

But, did you know that some of the most iconic foods you can eat in America are keto-friendly? And better yet, did you know you can get these mouth-watering keto dishes delivered straight to your door, anywhere in the U.S.? Continue reading below to see our list of the most legendary keto-friendly foods that you can get delivered to your kitchen table! 

Bacon from Vande Rose Farms

How many diets do you know where you can indulge in a slice of invitingly delicious bacon every once in a while? While loading up on bacon every day might not be the most healthy choice, it is one of the most delicious, keto-friendly food options out there. However, you’ll want to eat it in moderation! And what better way to enjoy a nice and crispy slice of bacon than with the “Best Bacon in America?” Try a slice of the best bacon you’ll ever eat and you will never want to go back. Order here now »

Steaks, Burgers and Bacon from Allen Brothers

Is this heaven? No. It’s just the smell of steaks, burgers, and bacon from Allen Brothers. Supplying some of the country’s best steakhouses with their savory meat selection, you know that you’ll enjoy each and every bite of their prime beef and other meats. Plus, it’s keto-friendly! Order here now » 

Bacon & Steaks from Peter Luger Steak House


Wait. More meat? Yes! That’s why we love the keto diet! Named “The Best Steakhouse in New York City” by Zagat for 28 years in a row, we can guarantee you’ll only get the best of the best from Peter Luger Steak House. Try a bite of their famous bacon and steaks! Order here now »

Salmon and Tuna from Honolulu Fish Co

If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll be dying to taste the Salmon and Tuna from Honolulu Fish Co. Get the freshest, highest-quality fish that the Hawaiian locals loves sent straight to your door, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start the keto diet sooner. Order here now » 

Ribs, Pulled Pork, Sausage and Turkey from Joe's Kansas City BBQ

The keto diet is known for it’s foods high in protein and fat, and Kansas City is known for its fall-off-the-bone BBQ. So naturally, getting your hands on the best BBQ in KC to satisfy your belly is a must. And locals will tell you that the best place to get BBQ in Kansas City is from none other than Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. Named "America's Best BBQ" by USA Today, you won’t want to miss out on a bite of Joe’s BBQ goodness. Order here now » 

Sausages from Olympia Provisions 

The sausages from Olympia Provisions are nothing but music to your mouth. Delicious and  delectable, these artfully crafted sausages will make you forget you’re even on a diet. Order here now » 

Tri Tip Steaks and Pork Chops from Seaside Market


The Tri Tip Steak from Seaside Market is known as Cardiff Crack. And don’t worry, we aren’t doing anything illegal here. Although, it should be illegal this undeniably delicious. One bite and you’ll see why both locals and visitors alike can’t stop craving this legendary delight. Order here now » 

Minerva Dairy Butters

Okay. Butter. Seriously? Is the keto diet even a diet? Um yes! Another perk to this high-fat diet is you get to indulge in the good stuff--including butter. And this 85% Batch Churned Amish Butter from Minerva Dairy Butters is absolutely heavenly. Order here now »

Vegan Keto Chocolate Cake from Sweet Laurel Bakery


If you’ve been holding your breath for keto-friendly desserts, you can stop now. The delectable Chocolate Cake from Sweet Laurel Bakery is both vegan and keto-friendly. The best part? It’s absolutely delicious. Sweetened with monk fruit and completely grain-free this cake is topped with layers of coconut whipped cream and sprinkled with cacao. Yum! Order here now » 

Keto Cookies and More from Nadia Cakes

Baked with love and sweet yumminess, the cookies and cupcakes from Nadia Cakes are a blessing to keto-dieters ‘round the world. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what we mean.  Order here now » 

More Iconic Foods Delivered to You from Goldbelly

Wait! You don’t have to stop here. If we haven’t satisfied your keto-friendly cravings, visit our website to see all of the delicious, iconic foods you can get delivered to you! 

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