Ice & Vice: Dope Ice Cream From NYC

 Ice & Vice Ice Cream

We’re kickin’ it with NYC’s experimental ice cream shop, Ice & Vice, whose flavors are as diverse as their neighbors on the Lower East Side. Starting with a cart at New York’s trendiest food markets, Ice & Vice has garnered a fan base as rich as its ice cream base, which they pasteurize in-house. Constantly rotating their flavors, this month’s menu features the Blogger Battle Royale, a collaboration with five of NYC’s top bloggers to reimagine the flavor of their blogs in a much tastier form.

Our scoop obsessions right now include 9AM (a French roast coffee base loaded with chicory, condensed milk, donut truffles and Saigon cinnamon swirls that go on for days) and Opium Den (a white sesame base loaded with toasted poppy seeds and lemon bread croutons)—perfect for those lazy, very hazy summer days.

Yes, your ice cream now has croutons. Deal with it.