Ben’s Chili Bowl – POTHS (President Of The Half Smoke)

The Smithsonian Institute, The Capitol, The White House – while there may be many must-see destinations in our nation’s great capital, here’s one DC gem you may not have heard of that’s a true national treasure – the Half-Smoke. Now, before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t your regular old chili dog candidate; the half-smoke is a coarsely ground, half beef-half pork, spicy sausage that’s smoked and then grilled to a crisp-char and then covered with chili, mustard, and onions.

We Go Buck Wild for Ohio Buckeyes

The tree has for many years served as inspiration for a variety of things – famous quotes, paintings, and architecture. However, rarely does inspiration manifest itself in a form so sweet and decadent as the famous Buckeye. 

Happy IndePIEdence Day

The Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and English all had a hand in it, but it’s the Americans who perfected it – The Pie.  This star-studded concoction has come a long way since its inception around the time of the Ancient Egyptians, and has since evolved to become the most traditional American dessert.

The King of the King Cakes

Welcome to New Orleans, cher, where there are three hard-and-fast rules for Mardi Gras: you must beg for your beads, you must take your drink in a go-cup, and you must have a Gambino’s Bakery King Cake, the iconic Mardi Gras cake locals line up for and out-of-towners, from David Letterman to Oprah Winfrey, have delivered year after year.

The 48 Best Super Bowl XVLII Foods in the Land

Ahhh the Super Bowl! Other than Thanksgiving, we’re hard pressed to think of another day that food explorers are more focused on chowing down. But…any old grub won’t do. Not when it comes time for the big game.