One of NYC’s Best Bagels: Black Seed Bagels

 Black Seed Bagels

Get ready for New York’s famous Black Seed Bagels now shipping for the first time! Known as one of the city’s hottest bagel shops, Black Seed Bagels’ Montreal meets New York style bagel was recently named one of the best breakfasts ever by Food Network. Black Seed’s founders, Noah Bernamoff (a native Montrealer) and Matt Kliegman are attempting to reinvent the bagel by boiling them in honey water before baking them in a wood fired oven. This gives the bagels a unique crisp & smoky crust that will have you questioning all that this modest New York breakfast staple can be. Order Black Seed’s trending bagels now and schedule them to deliver in time for an upcoming brunch, Rosh Hashanah feast or general overwhelming bagel cravings.