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Best Halloween Desserts of 2023 That Are Scary Good


Jack O'Lantern Cake
Duff Goldman’s Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Here comes Halloween! It’s the spookiest time of year, when ghosts, ghouls, gravestones, cobwebs, and pumpkins become lawn decorations and children transform into their favorite Disney characters for a day. But we all know what Halloween is REALLY about: the FOOD! 

No matter if you’re hosting a huge party, a Día de los Muertos celebration, or just looking for some Halloween treats, treat yourself to the best Halloween desserts shipping nationwide! If you’re looking to take your festivities to the next level this year, these desserts are undeniably BOO-licious!

The Best Halloween Desserts

Jack O'Lantern Cake

Duff Goldman’s Chocolate Caramel Jack-O-Lantern Cake

A classic jack-o’-lantern cake is guaranteed to be a showstopping party centerpiece! This Chocolate Caramel Jack-O-Lantern Cake from the Ace of Cakes himself, Duff Goldman, is a chocolate cake layered with caramel cream cheese and decorated with orange frosting, a black fondant jack-o-lantern face, a green buttercream stem, and sprinkles!

Halloween Oreo Brownies & Cookies

Baked in Color’s Halloween Oreo Brownies & Cookies

Orange brownies and cookies are a no-brainer, and this Halloween Oreo Brownie & Cookie Combo are loaded with Oreo cookies! The accompanying orange & black cookies are soft, gooey, and loaded with chocolate chips.

Spooky Red Velvet Cake

Daisy Cakes’s Spooky Red Velvet Cake

When does a classic red velvet cake become downright spooky? When oozing red ganache turns any Halloween party into a bloody good time! Be sure to serve this Spooky Red Velvet Cake with a knife stabbed into it for maximum effect.


Elle’s Belles Bakery’s Sugar Skull Cake With Flower Crown

This just might be the most ornate cake you’ll see all year! Made by Elle’s Belles Bakery for Dia De Los Muertos, this hand-painted Sugar Skull Cake With a Flower Crown isn’t just pretty to look at – there’s also a delicious chocolate cake inside.

East Side Cheesecakes’s “My Little Boo Thang” Halloween Cheesecake

East Side Cheesecakes’s “My Little Boo Thang” Halloween Cheesecake

East Side Cheesecakes is proving that there’s really a cheesecake for every occasion! Their “My Little Boo Thang” Halloween Cheesecake has everything to celebrate the season – a thick Oreo crust and a pumpkin orange center loaded with Oreo pieces, and it’s topped with a dark chocolate ganache, spooky sprinkles, and buttercream ghosts!

Iced Halloween Sugar Cookies

Elegant Desserts’ Iced Halloween Sugar Cookies

You can spend all day whipping up a variety of treats, or you can order this impressive array of Iced Halloween Sugar Cookies from Elegant Desserts! These buttery cookies are handmade with plenty of detail, and are all dressed up as pumpkins and bats.

Halloween Message Donuts

Angel Food Bakery’s Halloween Message Donuts

Say it with doughnuts! Lay out a centerpiece of freshly fried yeast-raised Halloween Message Donuts, creatively frosted with Halloween-themed decorations and spelling out either LET’S GET SPOOKY or HAPPY HALLOWEEN. These just might be too pretty to eat! (Might be!)

Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit

The Goddess & Grocer’s Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit

This Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit might just be the perfect Halloween DIY project for kids! Get creative and top these cookies with icing and sprinkles, then eat your edible works of art!

Halloween Candy Shortbread 

Shortbread Society’s Halloween Candy Shortbread

We can safely say you’ve never seen shortbread cookies like these! Take your pick from a variety of decadent Halloween Candy Shortbreads, including one that’s candy corn-inspired and another that’s loaded with Reese’s Pieces. They’re seriously gourmet and drop dead gorgeous!

Boozy Eyeball Jelly Cake

Solid Wiggles’ The Boozy Eyeball Jelly Cake

You can resort to old-school Jell-O shots at your (grown-up) party… or you can get a load of this! Your guests will be wide-eyed when they catch a glimpse of this creepy Boozy Eyeball Jelly Cake made with ingredients including orange juice, tequila, and lime!

Vegan Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes

Erin McKenna’s Bakery’s Vegan + Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes

Vegan? Gluten-free? Not to worry! One of the most magical things about cupcakes is that they can be adapted for just about any dietary restriction (or holiday) you can think of. These Vegan and Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes aren’t just beautifully decorated, they’re also completely vegan and gluten free!)

Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Pumpkin Spice Ghost Bon Bon Collection

Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Pumpkin Spice Ghost Bon Bon Collection

Don’t forget that Halloween also happens to fall smack dab in the middle of pumpkin spice season! These Pumpkin Spice Ghost Bonbons are the best of several worlds: They’re super rich & chocolatey, they’re brimming with pumpkin spice flavor, and they’re absolutely adorable!

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Treat House’s Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Take a bite out of Halloween with Treat House’s Halloween Rice Krispie Treats. From purple bats to mini Frankenstein heads to mummies, each tiny treat features a mini design that is big on taste and spirit.

And here’s some really good news: this is just the tip of the sweet & spooky iceberg! Discover more Halloween dessert inspiration! Happy Halloween!