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The Best Vegan Gift Ideas


We Take The Cake Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Cake
We Take The Cake’s Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Cake

Millions of people live life on the veg as vegetarians or vegans. Vegans adhere to a diet and lifestyle that does not include foods or products derived from animals. Vegans take things a step further than vegetarians, omitting dairy products and eggs from their diets.

Although veganism gained prominence in the last two decades, the diet dates all the way back to 500 BCE. The term veganism was first coined in 1944, and the vegan lifestyle has increased in popularity.

So what are the best vegan gifts? Check out our favorite vegan gift ideas that make the best food gifts.

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What Can You Buy a Vegan for a Present?

There are many things you can buy a vegan for a present. Examples of popular vegan foods include fruits, veggies, tofu, beans, and grains. Goldbelly has the most popular vegan foods and vegan gifts for your favorite vegan food explorers, including:

Vegan Food Gift Ideas

Goldbelly has the best vegan gifts for vegans and non-vegans. You won’t find meat, eggs, dairy, or any animal-derived ingredients in these vegan foods. However, you will find some of the best food around.

Loring Place Plain Jane Grandma Pizza

Loring Place’s “Plain Jane” Grandma Pizza

James Beard Award-winning Chef Dan Kluger bakes some of the best pizza ever. His Greenwich Village, New York City, pizza shop Loring Place turns out an exceptional “Plain Jane” Grandma Pizza.

This 12-inch by 9-inch vegan pizza is baked in an oiled pan, yielding a crispy, whole wheat flour crust. It’s topped with basil, crushed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and oregano.

Dumpling Monster’s Pan Fried Vegan Buns

West Hollywood, California’s Dumpling Monster makes “next level dumplings” that are vegan. One bite, and you’ll want to “eat more dumplings” like these Pan Fried Vegan Buns

Each package includes 12 or 24 vegan dumplings stuffed with cabbage, Beyond meat, glass noodles, spinach, tofu, and wood ear mushrooms. Don’t forget to dunk them in chili soy sauce for a perfect explosion of taste.

Dumpling Monster Pan Fried Vegan Buns
Detroit Style Pizza Co Vegan Detroit Pizza

Detroit Style Pizza Co’s Vegan Detroit Pizza

Founded in 2012 by the late Shawn Randazzo, Detroit Style Pizza Co in Detroit, Michigan, has been creating the softest and airiest Detroit-style pizza. 

Each pizza is hand-pressed into seasoned, square steel pans, creating a ring of caramelized cheese on each pie. Each Vegan Detroit Pizza is made on a focaccia-like crust and topped with red sauce and vegan cheese.

Pasta Packs’ Spinach Fettuccine With Walnut Pesto Kit (Vegan)

Chef Nic Bryon used the COVID-19 pandemic to perfect pasta. The result? Pasta Packs. 

His Pasta Packs Spinach Fettuccine with Walnut Pesto Kit is a vegan pasta kit for 4 or 8 bursting with flavor. This pesto sauce is made with basil, garlic, lemon, olive oil, walnuts, and yeast and pairs perfectly with Bryon’s fresh Basil & Spinach Fettuccine.

Pasta Packs Spinach Fettuccine With Walnut Pesto Kit
Chef Ming Tsai Potsticker Sampler

Chef Ming Tsai’s Bing + Potsticker Party Sampler

Chef, restaurateur, and TV host Ming Tsai is known for his award-winning East-meet-West cuisine. His Bing + Potsticker Party Sampler is a crowd pleaser with vegan versions of this most popular party food, including:

  • Buffalo Cauliflower Bing
  • Buffalo Chicken Potstickers
  • “Fiesta” Mexican-inspired Bing
  • Ginger Pork Potstickers
  • Plant-based Cheeseburger Bing
  • Smoked Cheesesteak Potstickers
  • Sauces, including Chile Crisp, Dim Sum, and Hot Sauce Dipper Sauces

Levain Bakery’s Vegan & Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

Founded in 1995 by Pam Weekes and Connie MacDonald, Levain Bakery is famous for its colossal 4-inch, 6 oz. cookies. 

The New York City bakery’s Vegan & Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies are packed with semi-sweet vegan chocolate chips and crunchy walnuts and baked with cashew butter.

Levain Bakery Vegan & Gluten-Free Cookies
We Take The Cake Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Cake

We Take The Cake’s Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate 4-Layer Cake

Everything, from the batters to the frostings, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s We take the Cake are made from scratch. 

Their Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate 4-Layer Cake is dense, rich, and chocolate-y. Each 6-inch cake is made with plenty of cocoa, gluten-free flour, vegan chocolate icing, and colorful gluten free & vegan sprinkles.

Dough Doughnuts’ Vegan Doughnuts

Even though Dough Doughnuts was founded in 2010, it wasn’t until 2020 that the Brooklyn doughnut shop debuted its Vegan Doughnuts. These delightful, dairy-free brioche-based doughnuts come in fantastic flavors like:

  • Blueberry Lemon with brown sugar oat crumble
  • Mocha Almond Crunch with chocolate and coffee doughnut topped with almond streusel
  • Plain Glazed with vegan vanilla cake crumbs
Dough Doughnuts
Brooklyn Cupcake Vegan Cupcake Jars

Brooklyn Cupcake’s Vegan Cupcake Jars

Sisters Carmen Rodriguez and Gina Madera partnered up with their cousin Michele Caballero to open Brooklyn Cupcake in 2010. The trio combined Italian and Puerto Rican flavors to create unique cupcake flavors. 

Their Vegan Cupcake Jars feature 2 6-oz. jars of each of these fun vegan flavor combinations:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter with Valrhona cocoa powder and creamy peanut butter
  • French Toast topped with a drizzle of maple syrup
  • Vanilla with Sprinkles with vanilla cake and vegan sprinkles

Malai Ice Cream’s Vegan “Crowd Pleaser” Chocolate Peanut Ice Cream Cake

Pooja Bavishi’s Malai Ice Cream (“cream of the crop”) incorporates aromatic flavors and spices into smooth and creamy ice cream. Malai uses their small-batch ice cream to create a one-of-a-kind vegan ice cream cake. 

The 6-inch Vegan Crowd Pleaser Ice Cream Cake is 2.5 lbs. of chocolate cake layers filled with Spiced Peanut Crunch ice cream and chocolate cake crunch topped with rich chocolate glaze.

Malai Ice Cream Vegan Crowd Pleaser Chocolate Peanut Ice Cream Cake

Veg out! The best vegan gifts are shipping nationwide on Goldbelly!

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