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These Delicious Desserts are Vegan & Gluten-Free


Gluten-Free Black & White Layer Cake
Mini Melanie’s Gluten-Free Black & White Layer Cake

If you’re avoiding gluten, animal products, or both, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still indulge your sweet tooth! There’s a whole world out there of gluten-free desserts, vegan desserts, and desserts that are both vegan and gluten-free, and the finest ones on earth are shipping nationwide on Goldbelly!


Read on for the best in both categories, and if you’re looking for the best desserts that are both vegan and gluten-free, look no further than Erin McKenna’s Bakery, a NYC icon renowned for everything from cinnamon rolls to brownie chocolate cakes.

Best Vegan Desserts

Vegan Apple Pie

Achatz Handmade Pie Co.’s Vegan Double Crust Apple Pie

To make this vegan apple pie, the folks from Michigan’s Achatz use Michigan Northern Spy Apples, which are lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and baked inside a hand-crimped flaky crust.

Vegan Rainbow Vanilla Cake Jars

Jars By Dani’s Vegan Rainbow Vanilla Cake Jars

This collection of Vegan Vanilla Jars by Dani is filled with fluffy vanilla rainbow cake, vanilla icing, and rainbow sprinkles.

Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake Cuties

Eli’s Cheesecake Co.’s Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake Cuties

Eli’s has been renowned for baking some of Chicago’s best cheesecakes since the 1980s, and these rich chocolate vegan cheesecake bites are made with semi-sweet Belgian chocolate and baked on a layer of old-fashioned cocoa cake.

Vegan Whoopie Pies

Baristas & Bites’ Vegan Whoopie Pies

Made by hand in the heart of downtown Portland, Maine, these vegan whoopie pies are made with only the highest quality ingredients, locally-sourced when available.

Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake

We Take the Cake’s Vegan Chocolate 4-Layer Cake

Perfect for a celebration, this dense and decadent chocolate layer cake from Florida’s renowned We Take the Cake isn’t just vegan, it’s gluten-free, too!

Cake Monkey’s Vegan Gift Box

Cake Monkey’s Vegan Gift Box

At LA’s Cake Monkey, they’re reinventing your favorite childhood treats and making them even better than you remember. From vegan summer camp cookies to cakewiches and scones, these glam’d up goodies are insanely satisfying, and completely vegan.

Vegan Kitchen Sink Cookies

Madame Zuzu’s Emporium’s Vegan Kitchen Sink Cookies

Madame ZuZu’s Emporium was founded by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and his wife Chloe Mendel, and all of their baked goods are made with wholesome plant-based ingredients. Their popular vegan kitchen sink cookies are loaded with fluffy marshmallows, gooey chocolate chips, and crunchy pretzels.

Vegan Cake Donuts

Donut Pub’s Vegan Cake Donuts

The Donut Pub has been a NYC standby since 1964, and their wildly delicious vegan cake donuts come in flavors including cinnamon, chocolate-dipped, pumpkin spice, and blueberry.

Vegan Blueberry Pecan Crumble Pie

The Pie Hole’s Vegan Blueberry Pecan Crumble Pie

The Pie Hole makes their old-fashioned pies using recipes and techniques that have been handed down over generations. Their Vegan Blueberry Pecan Crumble Pie is a classic all-American blueberry pie, made with fragrant blueberries and just the right amount of orange juice and sugar, and it’s topped with vegan pecan crumble.

Vegan Cheesecake Jars

B Sweet’s Vegan Cheesecake Jars

B Sweet has become an LA viral sensation for its sweet, colorful cookies, bread pudding, & more, and these vegan cheesecake jars make for the perfect sweet treat. They come in flavors including cookie dough, cookies & cream, strawberry shortcake, and purple ube.

Best Gluten-Free Desserts

Gluten-Free Donuts

Kane’s Donuts’ Gluten-Free Donuts

Kane’s has been one of Boston’s most beloved donut shops since 1955, and gluten-free donuts are available in all of their most popular flavors.

Gluten-Free Rice Krispie Treats

Treat House’s Gluten-Free Rice Krispie Treats

Treat House is putting a gourmet spin on classic Rice Krispie Treats. These gluten-free treats come in a variety of flavors, including s’mores, Birthday Cake, Hot Cocoa, caramel sea salt, chocolate peanut butter, and M&M.

Gluten-Free Black & White Layer Cake

Mini Melanie’s Gluten-Free Black & White Layer Cake

This truly spectacular gluten-free layer cake from Brooklyn’s Mini Melanie has three layers of vanilla cake and two layers of rich brownie cake. Smooth vanilla and chocolate buttercreams, cookie crumbs, chocolate ganache, and two chocolate truffles are the icing on the cake!

Gluten-Free Baby Brownies

Brownie Points’ Gluten-Free Baby Brownies

These fudgy gluten-free brownies from Brownie Points are small enough to be a perfect anytime treat. They come in flavors including butterscotch, caramel, raspberry, and cinnamon bun.

Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cake

We Take the Cake’s Gluten-Free Red Velvet 4-Layer Cake

This picture-perfect gluten-free red velvet cake from We Take the Cake has four moist layers of gluten-free cake, filled and frosted with rich cream cheese frosting.

Gluten-Free Key Lime Pie

Kermit’s Key West Gluten-Free Key Lime Pie

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe is a Florida Keys landmark, and their gluten-free Key lime pie is every bit as good as the original version, made with fresh-squeezed Key lime juice and topped with fluffy whipped cream in a gluten-free cookie crust.

Gluten-Free Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

Davey’s Gluten-Free Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

You can’t go wrong with an ice cream sandwich, and this gluten-free version from Brooklyn’s popular Davey’s Ice Cream sandwiches creamy fresh-churned vanilla ice cream between two gluten-free chocolate chip cookies before taking a dunk in chocolate and sprinkles.

Gluten-Free Shortbread

Shortbread Society’s Gluten-Free Millionaires Shortbread

You’ve never seen shortbread like what New York’s Shortbread Society is making! Their signature gluten-free Millionaires Shortbread starts with a layer of buttery gluten-free shortbread, and it’s topped with Scottish Highland caramel and rich chocolate ganache.

Gluten-Free Whoopie Pies

Cape Whoopies’ Gluten-Free Whoopie Pies

Straight from coastal Maine, Cape Whoopies makes some truly spectacular whoopie pies. Their gluten-free whoopie pies start with two gluten-free chocolate cakes that have a brownie-like exterior, and the vanilla filling is whipped with plenty of butter and marshmallow.

Gluten-Free Cookies

Monica’s Signature Gourmet Gluten-Free Cookies

Monica’s soft, handmade cookies come in flavors including chocolate chip, peanut butter, lemon, and almond, and these gluten-free cookies make for an ideal gift.

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Discover all of Goldbelly’s Gluten-Free Foods here, and all of our Vegan Foods here.