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Dong Phuong Bakery’s King Cake: Everything to Know


Dong Phuong Bakery Pecan King Cake
Dong Phuong Bakery Pecan King Cake

For more than four decades, Dong Phuong Bakery has been the source for French bread, bánh mì sandwiches, and king cakes in New Orleans. 

The city synonymous with Mardi Gras boasts one of the most delicious celebration cakes ever, king cake. The family-run Dong Phuong Bakery makes its king cake with hand-braided brioche dough. It is topped with cream cheese icing and colored sugar. 

Here’s everything to know about this award-winning bakery’s king cake, which sells out every year.

Dong Phuong Bakery’s Story

Founded in 1982, Dong Phuong Bakery is a family-owned Vietnamese bakery in New Orleans. The bakery is famous for its French bread, bánh mì, and seasonal king cakes. The bakery supplies its mini French loaves to 100 NOLA eateries, many of which use the bread for their po’boy roast beef sandwiches.

The beloved bakery was founded shortly after immigrants De and Huong Tran left Vietnam.. They came to America in 1980 after the Vietnam War to seek a better life for their three children. 

At first, the couple began making traditional Vietnamese baked goods from their home. Shortly after, they whipped up their treats at Dong Phuong Restaurant before opening their famed bakery. 

Dong Phuong Bakery Coconut King Cake
Dong Phuong Bakery Coconut King Cake
Dong Phuong Bakery Coconut King Cake
Dong Phuong Bakery Coconut King Cake

It wasn’t long until the bakery gained a loyal following. In 2018, the bakery won a James Beard America’s Classics Award.

In 2008, the bakery began making king cakes. These colorful bread-like cakes are served annually during the Pre-Lenten carnival season, which is typically in February. 

No matter when Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday, is celebrated (the date changes each year based on the moon), it doesn’t take long for the festive, purple, green, and yellow cakes to sell out.

What Does Dong Phuong King Cake Taste Like?

Dong Phuong king cake is a moist and lightly sweetened cake that tastes more like a frosted pastry than a cake. The golden, French brioche dough with scalloped edges tastes similar to a light and flaky danish. 

The ribbon of cinnamon in the middle and the cream cheese frosting on top make for flavors reminiscent of a cinnamon roll. It’s the perfect treat for breakfast, dessert, and anytime.

Dong Phuong Bakery Cream Cheese King Cake
Dong Phuong Bakery Cream Cheese King Cake
Dong Phuong Bakery Cinnamon King Cake
Dong Phuong Bakery Cinnamon King Cake

How Much is a Dong Phuong King Cake?

The Cinnamon King Cake is $74.95. The other flavors like coconut, pecan, and strawberry are $79.95 each.

What’s On Offer?

Getting a king cake for Mardi Gras is a must-do. King cakes can be bought online via Goldbelly. They can also be purchased in-person at Dong Phuong Bakery and select retailers in New Orleans. 

Each king cake is 2.5 lb. and includes a plastic baby to hide in the cake. If you find the plastic baby inside, it means you will have good luck (and you must buy the next king cake!).

These special cakes are only sold for a few weeks, beginning in early January.

These delicious king cakes are available with a variety of fillings:

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