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What is National Pizza Month and How to Observe?


Picassos Square Pizza
Picasso’s Pizza | Buffalo-style Pepperoni Pizza

Mmm…pizza. Nothing unites quite like a piping hot pizza pie with bubbly cheese and a perfectly charred crust. Looking for a quick and easy dinner, a game day fan favorite feast, or the perfect party meal? Order up a hot and fresh pizza!

Every day should be pizza day. Whether you like classic cheese pizza pie with red sauce, a white cheese slice, or superlative Sicilian squares, there’s a perfect pizza for every pizza fan.

What is the US National Pizza Month?

National Pizza Month is an American marketing holiday to promote pizza and the love of pizza. During National Pizza Month, many pizzerias across the US offer pizza deals. Pizza fans can save a lot of dough on their favorite pizza pies, from thin crust to deep dish to stuffed crust.

Americans love pizza. Some 17 percent of all restaurants in the US are pizza restaurants. There is a Chicago pizza museum devoted to pizza, a pizza magazine all about it, and a pizza coalition that advocates for the pizza industry. There is also a National Pizza Day, which is celebrated on February 9. 

National Pizza Month was started by Gerry Durnell, publisher of Pizza Today magazine, in October 1984. Durnell chose October because it was the month his pizza magazine debuted.

Tony Boloney’s Pizza
Pizzeria Delfina Neapolitan Pizza Best Sellers
Pizzeria Delfina

Is December National Pizza Month?

No, December is not National Pizza Month. National Pizza Month is annually observed in October in the US. That’s 31 days to celebrate all things pizza, including trying new pizzas, enjoying specialty and seasonal pizzas, and taking advantage of pizza promotions.

What is the Biggest Pizza Day of the Year?

The biggest pizza day of the year is Halloween. Halloween is celebrated each year on October 31. Super Bowl Sunday, the annual football championship game in the US, is the second biggest pizza day of the year.

Pizza is popular no matter the date on the calendar. There are 74,000 pizzerias in the US and about one in eight Americans eat pizza on any given day. There are enough kinds of pizzas to try a new type each day of the month, including classic cheese pizza, Sicilian squares, and bar pies.

How to Observe National Pizza Month

The best way to observe National Pizza Month is by eating pizza. No matter what your favorite pizza is, Goldbelly has you covered and smothered with toppings, crusts, and regional styles to satisfy all pizza lovers.

There are 34 million ways to order pizza, including size, crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Crust us. We have hundreds of options, including gluten free and vegan. The crustodians of pizza love, we offer pizza styles from coast to coast, including:

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