✨ The Famous Edible Cookie Dough Is HERE ✨

 NYC's dō Now Shipping Nationwide

That cookie dough everyone is lining up for in New York? Well, we’ve snagged you some! Kristen Tomlan, your new bff, quit her corporate job to make the edible cookie dough that everyone’s obsessed with. The only one of its kind, her shop, , is NYC’s next big thing after being featured in Forbes, The New York Times & on The Today Show (among countless others). If you’ve ever seen colorful cups of completely safe-to-eat cookie dough on Instagram, chances are they were from dō. Through social media, dō gained a cult-like fan base before even opening a shop. Now people wait 4+ hours in line at her shop in the Village & at Citi Field for cookie dough loaded with chocolate chips, sprinkles & magic. Designed to be eaten before baked (although you can bake it, too), dō is everything your inner child has ever wanted. What a beauDŌful thing.