Send Goldbelly Without a Shipping Address!


We’re excited to announce that there’s a new way to send an incredible food gift on Goldbelly! The new process couldn’t be easier, and you don’t even need a shipping address in order to send your loved ones a food gift that they’ll fall in love with. 

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E-gifts allow you to select a special, personalized item on Goldbelly for your gift recipient, while providing them with control over the delivery of their item. If you are unsure of your recipient’s shipping address or when they’d want to receive and enjoy your perishable gift, an e-gift is the perfect option for you!



E Gifting
  1. Once you’re on the product page, all you need to do is hit the “Send as E-Gift” button. 
  1. Follow the checkout steps:
  • Enter your recipient’s email address
  • Add a gift message
  • Choose the date and time you want to notify the recipient of their gift via email. You have the option to deliver the gift notification to their email inbox immediately, or select a date and time to notify them in the future.
  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email for your purchase right away. Then on the date and time that you selected at checkout, your recipient will receive your e-gift via email. This email will include a link that brings them to Goldbelly to redeem their e-gift.

4. Your recipient enters their address and chooses the delivery date that works best for them. They will receive an email confirmation once their gift redemption is complete!

If you’re looking for some gift inspiration, explore the Goldbelly 50 – a curated collection of our top food gifts – here, and discover all of Goldbelly’s finest food gifts here. To learn more about the e-gift terms, click here.

Dan Myers

Dan Myers is Goldbelly’s Senior Content Manager and Senior Editor of the Goldbelly Blog. He joined Goldbelly in 2020, and as the company’s primary copywriter he also writes copy for all brand marketing initiatives including marketing emails as well as on-page descriptions for all new merchants and products.

Before joining Goldbelly, Dan spent seven years as Deputy Editor for The Daily Meal, a food and drink website. During his time there, he wrote everything from news briefs to major tentpoles including the 101 Best Restaurants in America and the 50 Best Burgers in America, forming a base of knowledge that has served him well at Goldbelly.

Prior to joining The Daily Meal, Dan founded and spent several years running a neighborhood blog called Here’s Park Slope, based out of the neighborhood in Brooklyn. Its primary focus was on the opening and closing of local businesses (especially restaurants), and it was named Brooklyn’s Best Neighborhood Blog by The L Magazine.

Dan graduated from NYU with a degree in Communication & Mass Media, and still lives in Brooklyn with his wife Janie and French Bulldog, Nugget.