The Best Macarons


Laduree Gourmandise Macarons
Ladurée Paris Macarons

Macrons are petit, colorful French meringue sandwich cookies. Recognizable for their smooth top and ruffled “foot,” macarons (pronounced mac-ah-ROHN) are made in many colors. These cute and round cookies come in a variety of flavors like chocolate, pistachio, and raspberry.

Macarons have become ubiquitous at bakeries, confectioners, sweet shops, and restaurants around the world. Therefore, you might wonder which brand is famous for macarons? There are several famous macaron makers. 

Macarons are not to be confused with macaroons, which are dense coconut cookies. They have similar ingredients but a totally different look and taste. Macarons are made from whipped egg whites, almond flour, sugar, and vanilla. These light and airy cookies are gluten-free and kosher. 

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What are the Best Macarons?

We have searched worldwide and sampled the best macarons. Here’s our favorite classic and creative French cookies.

La Fournette Artisanal Macarons

Best Artisanal Macarons: La Fournette

Chicago’s La Fournette makes traditional macarons, but their creative flavors aren’t to be missed. Pierre Zimmerman and his team handcraft artisanal macarons in inventive flavors inspired by cocktails like the mojito, Moscow mule, and piña colada.

Ladurée Paris Macaron

The OG Modern Macarons: Ladurée

Ladurée‘s macarons are recognizable before you even open the box. Ladurée are inventors of the modern macaron. They elevated the cookie in the 19th century into a double-decker sandwich cookie held together with sweet fillings. 

The luxury French shop perfectly packages their cookies in beautiful pastel gift boxes. Are Ladurée the best macarons? We’ll let you be the judge.

Bouchon Bakery Macarons

Best Flavored Macarons: Bouchon Bakery

Award-winning American chef Thomas Keller opened Bouchon Bakery to provide two of his Michelin-starred restaurants with one-of-a-kind breads. In addition to artisanal breads and classic desserts, the French bakery makes classic French macarons in chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, and vanilla. Skip the lines and get traditional macarons delivered.

Sucré Macarons

Super Cute Macarons: Sucré

Destination dessert shop Sucré makes super cute versions of classic macarons. They also add Southern flair shipping the colorful cookies with pecan praline coffee. Owner Ayesha Motwani and Executive Pastry Chef Ashley McMillan hand make traditional and unique macaron flavors. Cookie flavors include vanilla and chocolate plus New Orleans-inspired flavors like café au lait and blackberry honey.

Daniel Boulud Macarons

Devine Macarons: Daniel Boulud

Award-winning and Michelin-starred French Chef Daniel Boulud makes some of the most elegant and delicate French macarons. His 12-piece Macaron Gift Box features one dozen seasonally-changing creations in flavors like pistachio, coffee, raspberry, and chocolate.

Sift Dessert Bar Macaron Gift Box

Creative Macarons: Sift Dessert Bar

Frosting-obsessed Sift Dessert Bar founder Andrea Ballus makes mouth watering cupcakes and equally over-the-top macarons. Festive and fun flavors like Churro, Salted Caramel, and Birthday Cake with vanilla and raspberry filling make ordinary macarons extraordinary. The San Francisco sweet shop’s seasonally changing Macaron Gift Box is a treat for your taste buds and taste buddies.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate Macarons

Cheesy Macarons: Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate

The luxury chocolatier — a collaboration of two Michelin-starred Gabriel Kreuther and acclaimed pastry chef and Master Chocolatier Marc Aumont — whips up ah-mazing cheesecake macarons. Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate’s macaron rounds are sandwiched with cream cheese, cleverly combining New York-style cheesecake with classic French macarons. Fun flavors include chocolate with hazelnut spread, mango passionfruit, and mixed berry. Their Cheesecake Macarons 12-Pack includes Mandarin orange, pistachio, coffee, and original cheesecake.

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