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The Best Birthday Cake Flavored Dessert Ideas


JARS By Dani Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake 1
JARS By Dani | Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake

We wish every day were our birthday so we could spend our days eating birthday cakes and birthday cake flavored desserts. While we can’t speed up time, you can make every day a celebration with birthday cake flavored treats. 

Looking for an alternative to a birthday cake or just love the flavor of birthday cake? These fun birthday cake flavored dessert ideas are sure to get the party started.

What Is Cake Batter Flavor?

Cake batter is a dessert flavoring that tastes like vanilla cake. Cake batter flavor is basically vanilla, but amplified with sugar and butter. This super sweet cake batter flavor can be added to everything from cakes to cookies to ice cream.

Best Cake Batter Flavored Desserts

Cake batter flavored desserts are a popular way to share birthday vibes on the big day and every day. America’s top bakers are whipping up the most popular cake batter flavored desserts like:

JARS By Dani Cake Batter Jars

JARS By Dani: Cake Batter Jars

Dani Beckerman’s signature, Instagram-famous cake jars are a colorful party in a jar. JARS By Dani’s Cake Batter Jars are lovely layers of sugar cookie crust, sky blue cake batter filling, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

Cookie DŌ Fancy Cake Batter Cookie Cake

Cookie DŌ: “Fancy” Cake Batter Cookie Cake

Since 2017, Kristen Tomlan’s Cookie DŌ has been making us crazy for edible cookie dough. One of our favorite birthday-esque creations is Cookie DŌ’s “Fancy” Cake Batter Cookie Cake. This no-bake cake is made with heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs. Dig in to a slice of this 12-inch cake batter flavored cake. It’s adorned with: 

  • chocolate chips
  • brightly colored icing
  • pastel “fancy” sprinkles
Capannari Ice Cream Cake Batter Ice Cream Pints

Capannari Ice Cream: Cake Batter Ice Cream Pints

This Chicago ice cream parlor by master chef Jim Capannari makes their famous French pot ice cream in super small batches — only 4 gallons are made at a time. We love to spoon Capannari Ice Cream’s Cake Batter Ice Cream Pints. Close your eyes, take a bite, and you’ll swear this is the creamiest, most delicious birthday cake you have ever tasted.

Jars By Dani’s Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake

JARS By Dani: Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake

JARS By Dani is known for Dani Beckerman’s whimsical and colorful dessert jars. She’s also created an amazing Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake that is as beautiful to see as it is to taste. Each kosher rectangular cake is made with layers of Funfetti cake, cake batter, sugar cookie crumble, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles.

Andia's Ice Cream Batter Up Cake Batter Monster Shake

Andia’s Ice Cream: “Batter Up” Cake Batter Monster Shake Kit – 4 Pack

Mom-and-pop ice cream shop Andia’s Ice Cream is scooping up some of the cutest, thickest milkshakes ever. Their “Batter Up” Cake Batter Monster Shake Kit contains everything you need to recreate these huge cake batter ice cream shakes at home. 

The kit includes cake batter ice cream, Andia’s mason jars, whipped topping, mini confetti vanilla cupcakes, rainbow sprinkles, and caramel sauce.

Jake Cohen Rainbow Babka

Jake Cohen: Birthday Cake Babka

“Jew-ish” cookbook author Jake Cohen puts a fun spin on classic Jewish treats like babka. He has upgraded this braided sweet bread by adding sweet vanilla filling and loads of rainbow sprinkles. Every slice of Jake Cohen’s Birthday Cake Babka is kosher, clever, cuteness that your Bubbe will love.

The Puddery Birthday Cake Banana Pudding

The Puddery: Birthday Cake Banana Pudding – 4 Pack

Since 2006, Janel Prator has been impressing folks, including Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” with her banana pudding. The Puddery’s Birthday Cake Banana Pudding is pound cake layered with creamy banana pudding that is filled with fresh bananas and crushed Nilla wafers and plenty of sprinkles.

Flour & Branch Birthday Cake Cookies

Flour & Branch: Birthday Cake Cookies

San Francisco’s Flour & Branch has been baking nostalgic-flavored cookies since 2020. Their beautiful Birthday Cake Cookies are buttery 3-inch cookies stuffed with rainbow sprinkles and studded with Guittard white chocolate chunks. But the best part? Each cookie is topped with a super cute sprinkled gummy bear.

These Stuffed Cookies Birthday Cake Stuffed Cookies

These Stuffed Cookies: Birthday Cake Stuffed Cookies

Family-run These Stuffed Cookies are, as the name suggests, stuuuffed with goodies and surprises. Each Birthday Cake Stuffed Cookie is hiding a secret treat inside — a piece of birthday cake! Who needs a birthday cake when you have these birthday cake stuffed cookies.

Stan’s Donuts Birthday Cake Donut

Stan’s Donuts: Birthday Cake Donut

Doughn’t you know we love donuts? Even better are Birthday Cake Donuts. The Chicago donut shop, originally founded in Los Angeles in 1963, makes fun, festive donuts. 

Each pink box is filled with one dozen Birthday Cake Donuts. Add a musical birthday box that sings “Happy Birthday.” It’s the perfect touch for birthdays, un-birthdays, and every day.

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