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14 Rainbow Foods Perfect For Pride


Zola Bakes Rainbow Cookie Brownies
Zola Bakes Rainbow Cookie Brownies

Taste the rainbow — literally with rainbow party food that is perfect for Pride and everyday. Who can resist tasty technicolor treats in shades of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red? 

Social media users have been obsessed with multicolored treats like brownies, cake jars, and rice crispy treats for years. These tasty thumb-stoppers deserve more than a few hundred likes. Add a pop of color to your day with these rainbow party foods.

What is the Rainbow Food Trend?

The Rainbow Food Trend began around 2016 when Instagram feeds everywhere seemed to feature rainbow foods. These viral posts featured rainbow cakes, rainbow cookies, and bagels, in a kaleidoscope of colors. The popularity of these colorful foods fueled more and more creative treats. 

Rainbow foods are perfect for parties, Pride, and every day celebrations. These foods are not only pretty to look at, but they are even more fun to photograph and eat.

What are some Popular Multicolor Foods?

Multicolor munchies that are colorful and Instagrammable include:

Rainbow Party Food Ideas

The sky’s the limit when it comes to rainbow party food ideas, from colorful cocktails to cute cupcakes to colorful cheesecakes.

Flour Shop Vegan and Gluten-Free Vanilla Rainbow Explosion Cake

Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cakes

Sculptor and cake artist Amirah Kassem has taken cake creation to new heights. Founded in New York in 2017, Flour Shop is famous for its exploding rainbow layer cakes that are inspired by piñatas. Each 6 lb. Rainbow Explosion Cake features 6 layers of vanilla cake slathered with cream cheese frosting. When sliced, an avalanche of colorful sprinkles spills out, creating the cutest cake cuttings ever! Cakes come in a vegan & gluten-free option too.

Baz Bagel Classic Rainbow Bagel Brunch

Baz Bagel Rainbow Bagels

New York City’s Baz Bagels hand rolls their famous Rainbow Bagels, rainbow dough that is kettle boiled and baked in a rotating deck oven that yields the best tasting — and looking — bagels ever. Their Classic Rainbow Bagel Brunch for 12 includes one dozen rainbow bagels, 3 cream cheeses in flavors like Plain, Blueberry, and Beet & Horseradish, 1 lb. of Nova, and 6 free bagels in flavors like Everything, Garlic & Onion, and Sesame.

Over the Rainbow Cakes Chocolate Rainbow Cake

Over the Rainbow Cakes Chocolate 4-Layer Rainbow Cake

Somewhere over the rainbow is the most delicious rainbow cake in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Red Velvet
Miami, Florida’s Over the Rainbow Cakes’ colorful layer cakes feature rainbow swirled frosting between each cake layer. Each 6 in. round cake has hundreds of colorful sprinkles — perfect for getting the party started.

Baked in Color Rainbow Cookie Cake

Baked in Color Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Boutique NYC bakery Baked in Color rolls and twists its colorful dough into the most amazing Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes. Each 9 in. cookie cake is a colorful addition to your next celebration.

Baked in Color Giant Rainbow Oreo Brownies

Baked in Color Giant Rainbow Oreo Brownies

We betcha can’t eat just one of Baked in Color’s Giant Rainbow Oreo Brownies. Each colorful square has a base layer of fudge brownie, loads of Oreo cookies in the middle, and a top layer of rainbow chocolate chip cookies. These are perfect as a hostess gift or for pleasing your party guests.

Baked in Color Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Baked in Color Proud & Happy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Let your food be loud and proud at your next party. New York City’s Baked in Color’s 9 in. Proud & Happy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake has a giant rainbow striped smiley face made with chocolate chips.

The Goddess and Grocer Rainbow Cake

The Goddess and Grocer Rainbow Cake

Slice into six colorful layers of moist delicious Rainbow Cake by The Goddess and Grocer in Chicago. Debbie Sharpe’s Australian-style cafe tops these beautiful 8 in. cakes with buttercream frosting and plenty of celebratory sprinkles.

Carlo's Bakery Chocolate Fudge Rainbow Cake

Carlo’s Bakery Chocolate Fudge Rainbow Cake

“Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro bakes a Chocolate Fudge Rainbow Cake that brightens every occasion. There is rich, creamy fudge frosting in between rainbow colored vanilla cake. Baked at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, the entire cake has shimmery rainbow sprinkles.

Zola Bakes Rainbow Cookies

Zola Bakes Rainbow Cookies

Taste the rainbow in the palm on your hand with Samatha Zola’s Zola Bakes Rainbow Cookies. Each bite-size neon almond cake is drenched in white or dark chocolate drip and topped with generous amounts of edible glitter. Each layered cookie has raspberry, apricot, or chocolate hazelnut filling. These make the perfect party favor or dessert.

Zola Bakes Rainbow Cookie Brownies

Why eat a plain brownie when you can eat a bright, multi-colored brownie? NYC’s Zola Bakes Rainbow Cookie Brownies are traditional 3 inch fudge brownies stuffed with rainbow cookies and a layer of raspberry, apricot, or chocolate.

Flour Bakery + Cafe Rainbow Sable Cookies

Flour Bakery + Cafe Rainbow Sable Cookies

James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Joanne Chang whips up her Rainbow Sable Cookies at her South End Boston baker. Her crunchy French butter cookies come in the six colors of the rainbow. They are perfectly packaged to share — or not.

JARS by Dani Vegan Vanilla Jars

JARS By Dani Vegan Vanilla Jars

New York’s Dani Beckerman has bottled up the rainbow in her pretty Vegan Vanilla Jars. Each jar has colorful neon-hued vanilla cake and vanilla frosting. 

These super cute jars are perfect for an after-dinner dessert or as an addition to your dessert buffet. Each 8 oz. JARS by Dani creation is kosher and topped with heaps of rainbow sprinkles.

Shortbread Society Pride Shortbread Combo

Shortbread Society Pride Shortbread Combo

Chef “Scottish Francis” Legge of “Masterchef” fame and his wife Christine bake up the most epic shortbread ever in Jersey City, New Jersey. The Shortbread Society’s Pride Shortbread Combo includes two trays of buttery shortbread and rainbow deliciousness — perfect for feeding a crowd. 

The Vanilla Buttercream Pride is vanilla buttercream shortbread topped with rainbow sprinkles and sparkles. The Rainbow Pride is rainbow-colored cake batter flavored shortbread topped with dark chocolate, rainbow sprinkles, and edible glitter. A percentage of sales are donated to the Stonewall Gives Back Initiative.

Seven Sisters Scones Vanilla Pride Scones

Seven Sisters Scones Vanilla “Pride” Scones

Chef Hala Yassine, one of seven sisters, is the genius behind Johns Creek, Georgia’s Seven Sisters Scones. Each scone has real butter, cream, eggs, vanilla, and swirly colors. These Vanilla “Pride” Scones are topped with vanilla glaze and rainbow sprinkles. One bite and your guests will surely invite themselves back to your next party.

Be our rainboo. Taste the rainbow with rainbow party foods perfect for pride eats, party fun, and every day celebrations shipping nationwide on Goldbelly!

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