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Best Pumpkin Desserts to Get You in the Fall Mood


Pumpecapple Piecaken
Three Brothers Bakery Pumpecapple Piecake

We’re feeling gourd thanks to the seasonal arrival of pumpkin desserts. Nothing gets us more pumped for fall than pumpkin desserts, pumpkin spice lattes, and PSL everything. 

Every state in the United States produces these orange beauties. It’s not surprising pumpkin is one of our favorite fruits and fall flavors. Gourds are a type of squash that is native to North America. 

Pumpkins are versatile and can be used to make pumpkin desserts like pumpkin pies and pumpkin cakes. Grab a fork and fall in love with the best fall desserts to get you in a festive fall mood.

What is the Most Popular Dessert Made from Pumpkins?

Pumpkin pie is the most popular dessert made from pumpkins. There are many types of pumpkins grown in the U.S. Pumpkins for holiday decorating like Halloween. Varieties include:

  • Connecticut Field
  • Howden
  • Tandy F1 Hybrid pumpkins

Pumpkins for pies include:

  • Long Island Cheese
  • Sugar pumpkins

Best Pumpkin Desserts

Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream’s Mozart Chocolate Pumpkin Mudslide

Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream’s Mozart Chocolate Pumpkin Mudslide

Nothing screams fall like pumpkin ice cream. Tipsy Scoop makes it up a notch with its boozy Mozart Chocolate Pumpkin Mudslide. These thick and creamy milkshakes are a collaboration between New York’s Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream and Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. The combo of chocolate pumpkin spice ice cream and chocolate pumpkin liqueur and coffee liqueur makes us melt.

Tico's Whoopies' Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Tico’s Whoopies’ Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

One bite and you’ll shout “Whoopie!” for Tico’s Whoopies’ Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. Holly Holleran’s whimsical whoopie pies are handmade by Amish bakers in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. Each whoopie pie is made with rich, fluffy, scratch-made butter cream. The cream is nestled between two cake rounds made with pumpkin, spices, eggs, and vanilla.

The Cheesecake Girl's Pumpkin Cheesecake

The Cheesecake Girl’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

Samantha Strange, The Cheesecake Girl, has been whipping up rich, creamy, and dreamy cheesecakes since 2016. We have fallen in love with her creative cheesecake flavors. 

Her 9-inch Pumpkin Cheesecake with a buttery graham crust weighs 6 lbs. It’s topped with pumpkin pie cheesecake, a generous layer of buttercream, and a delightful dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Elegant Brie's Pumpkin Patch Burnt Almond Cake

Elegant Brie’s Pumpkin Patch Burnt Almond Cake

Elegant Brie is famous for its wheels of baked brie wrapped in puff pastry (they even have a Pumpkin Baked Brie!). They also bake an amazing Pumpkin Patch Burnt Almond Cake

Elegant Brie’s take on a Swiss roll cake is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. It’s a burnt almond cake rolled around almond custard and apricot jam. It is then covered in white cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with toasted almonds. The super cute hand-piped pumpkin design makes this cake as beautiful to admire as it is to eat.

Sweetie Pies Bakery Pumpkin Pie

Sweetie Pies Bakery’s Pumpkin Pie

Mmm…pie, oh my! Toni Chiappetta has been making her famous pies since 1988. Sweetie Pies’ Pumpkin Pie is a cutie pie made with pumpkin purée, allspice, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. This classic American pie is baked in Napa Valley and topped with pastry “leaves” before it’s shipped nationwide.

PieCaken Bakeshop Original PieCaken

PieCaken Bakeshop’s Original PieCaken

Thanks to pastry chef Zac Young’s sense of humor, creativity, and culinary talent, the world has PieCaken. The PieCaken was created as an NYC hotel holiday dessert. It exploded in popularity after its debut, causing a pumpkin purée shortage in New York in 2015. 

The Original PieCaken is a three-in-one pie-cake dessert. The monstrous dessert is a tri-level delight with cinnamon buttercream slathered between pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and spice cake.

Miri Nadler Cakes' Floral Decorated Pumpkin Cake

Miri Nadler Cakes’ Floral Decorated Pumpkin Cake

What started as a food blog and a passion for baking has turned into a celebrated cake company. Miri Nadler Cake Design bakes 6-inch layer cakes that are hand decorated with beautiful flowers. 

Miri Nadler Cakes’ Floral Decorated Pumpkin Cake combines the top flavor of fall with elaborate cake design. Each cake features pumpkin spiced sponge cake, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, and signature frosting flowers. Each cake is decorated with two peach roses and a large coral peony.

Cootie Brown's Seasonal Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake

Cootie Brown’s Seasonal Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake

It wouldn’t be fall without Cootie Brown’s Seasonal Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake. This 4-lbs beauty from Johnson City, Tennessee, is made with cream cheese, pumpkin, spices, and everything nice. The top is adorned with a festive cinnamon flecked gourd. One bite and you’ll enjoy gourd vibes only this fall!

Cream + Sugar's Pumpkin Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cream + Sugar’s Pumpkin Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cream + Sugar’s ice cream is so good it went from making appearances on dessert menus at Fine Dining Restaurant Group’s Jackson, Wyoming, restaurants to having its own brick-and-mortar shop in Jackson Hole. 

These Pumpkin Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches are almost too cute to eat. Each artisanal ice cream sandwich is made with small-batch pumpkin spiced ice cream infused with allspice cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg. The ice cream is sandwiched between baked-fresh-daily chocolate chip cookies and rolled in orange and chocolate sprinkles.

Stan's Donuts' Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned Donuts

Stan’s Donuts’ Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned Donuts

When Stan Berman opened his eponymous donut shop in Los Angeles in 1963, his classic donuts became a near-instant hit. His friend Rich Labriola opened an outpost of Stan’s Donuts in Chicago in 2014 and the rest is delicious history. 

Stan’s Donuts handmakes their gourd-geous donuts the old school way. Stan’s Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned Donuts are a glazed cake donut made with pumpkin purée, and ground cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.

Shortbread Society's Pumpkin Pie Shortbread Tray

Shortbread Society’s Pumpkin Pie Shortbread Tray

Masterchef “Scottish Francis” Legge and his wife Christine have turned baking shortbread into a fine art. What started as a ghost kitchen making trays of shortbread to serve at a series of secret popups has turned into a not-so-secret shortbread success story. The duo bake each tray to order. 

Shortbread Society’s Pumpkin Pie Shortbread is a sensational tri-level shortbread. The layers include Original Granny Pearl shortbread on the bottom (the recipe was Legge’s Granny Pearl’s), pumpkin pie filling in the middle, and pumpkin pie shortbread on top. These shortbread trays come in regular, gluten-free, and vegan.

Pumpecapple Piecake

Three Brothers Bakery’s Pumpecapple Piecake

Brothers Sigmund, Sol, and Max Jucker started baking in Poland in 1932. They carried on the tradition when they came to Houston, Texas in 1949. Seven decades on, their Polish bakery, Three Brothers Bakery, continues to bake their legendary treats like the 23.5 lbs Pumpecapple

The Pumpecapple is the dessert answer to the turducken. It’s a 3-layer dessert with a pumpkin pie baked in a pumpkin spice cake, a pecan pie baked in a chocolate cake, and an apple pie baked in a traditional spice cake. Each layer is frosted in cream cheese frosting and the entire cake is showered in pecans and caramel drizzle.

Squash your craving for sweet treats with the best pumpkin desserts. Get in the fall mood with gourd-geous goodies shipping nationwide on Goldbelly!