Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas


Martha Stewarts Strawberry Ombre Cake
Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Ombre Cake

No Valentine’s Day is complete without a sweet treat to share with your loved one. Whether it’s indulging in a box of gourmet chocolates, snacking on fresh-baked cookies, or slicing into a decadent layer cake, dessert is an absolute must-have on Valentine’s Day, more so than just about any other day of the year. And thanks to Goldbelly, the best Valentine’s Day desserts in America are shipping straight from the country’s top bakeries and food makers to your door.

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Sure, you could always pick up a cheap box of chocolates from the pharmacy or a cake from the grocery store, but that’s the equivalent of buying flowers from the corner deli instead of a renowned flower shop. One shows that you really care and are willing to go the extra mile, and the other… well, not so much. There are so many Valentine’s Day dessert ideas shipping on Goldbelly, but these are worthy of a little extra love.

Valentine’s Day Cakes

Lady M Confections Chocolate Mille Crepes Cake

Lady M Confections’ Chocolate Mille Crepes Cake

Founded in 2001 in New York and helmed by Ken Romaniszyn, Lady M combines French techniques with Japanese sensibilities. A chocolate version of Lady M’s Signature Mille Crêpes, this chocolate Japanese cake has no less than 20 paper-thin chocolate crêpes, each one rich with cocoa and outfitted with lacy edges. Each crêpe is layered with chocolate pastry cream and finished with giant chocolate curls.

Martha Stewart Pink Ombre Cake

Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Ombre Cake

From none other than Martha Stewart herself, This stunning pink cake is ombre on the inside, with shades of pink vanilla sponge cake alternating with layers of strawberry Swiss buttercream.

We Take the Cakes Floral Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

We Take the Cake’s Floral Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

We Take The Cake has become one of the most sought after, made-from-scratch bakeries in the US. They take pride in mixing the batters and frosting from scratch, using whole milk, fresh eggs and real butter, NEVER a cake mix or commercially made frostings. Their popular Floral Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake is baked in a heart-shaped liner. The moist chocolate cake is frosted with a delicate blush pink tint, while cascading buttercream flowers in classic Valentine colors adorn the heart.

Montilios Baking Company JFK Wedding Cake

Montilio’s Baking Company’s JFK’s Wedding Cake

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to try the same exact cake served at the wedding of JFK and Jackie! Since 1947, Montilio’s Baking Company has been baking up some of the Boston area’s most beloved cakes. And yes, President John F. Kennedy and Jackie enjoyed this cake as their wedding cake and then again at JFK’s Inaugural Ball in 1961! 

Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush also opted to serve this cake at their Inaugural Balls. It’s made with three layers of white cake interspersed with raspberry preserves and raspberry frosting, and it’s topped with sweet vanilla buttercream.

East Side Cheesecake Red Velvet

East Side Cheesecakes’ Red Velvet Valentine Cheesecake

East Side Cheesecakes is a love story between Julia Tokarz and Gregory Lay, who met in New York City in 2014. After moving to LA, Greg became head baker at a now-famous bagel shop and Julia took on catering jobs, and when the Covid pandemic hit they combined the fresh cream cheese that Greg had been making at the bagel shop with Julia’s mom’s Christmas cheesecake recipe, and East Side Cheesecakes was born. 

This showstopper cheesecake features a full one-pound rich red velvet cookie as the crust, a sinfully rich red velvet cheesecake, and is topped with a creamy smooth cream cheese topping and finally finished with baby red velvet cookies.

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Cat Cora Baked Goods

Cat Cora’s Heart-Shaped Rainbow Cookies

Since being crowned the first female Iron Chef on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” back in 2005, Mississippi-born chef Cat Cora has gone on to become one of America’s most well-known celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, blazing a trail through the culinary world with countless restaurants, cookbooks, and awards to her name. These classic Italian rainbow cookies are heart-shaped, layered with apricot jam between the layers of almond cake, and topped with chocolate.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate’s Valentine’s Day Macarons

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate’s Valentine’s Day Macarons

Since 2016, Michelin-starred chef Gabriel Kreuther and acclaimed pastry chef and Master Chocolatier Marc Aumont have been taking the art of chocolate to the next level with New York’s Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate. 

To make these macarons, airy almond shells are handcrafted in small batches to recreate classic French technique and filled with creamy modern flavors for a taste of New York. This 12 piece assortment, curated for Valentine’s Day, pairs original cheesecake and mixed berry macarons, the perfect combination of tart and sweet!

Jake Cohen’s Mini Pink & White Cookies

Jake Cohen’s Mini Pink & White Cookies

Jake Cohen is one of the food world’s brightest stars: he has worked in some of NYC’s best restaurants and test kitchens, has amassed a massive following on Instagram and TikTok, and received accolades such as making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Food & Drink. These Mini Pink & White Cookies (a take on NYC’s famous black & white cookies) are sweet and cakey, and topped with colorful sprinkles.

Big Fat Cookie Love You More

Big Fat Cookie’s Valentine’s Day Giant Cookies

When we say these cookies are giant, we mean it — each one is six ounces, just shy of half a pound! These cookies are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and are meant for sharing. This Valentine’s Day Giant Cookie Pack features 4 different cookies that will put any box of chocolates to shame, in flavors including Red Velvet Love, Triple Chocolate Caramel Fudge, Brown Butter Valentine, and Oreo & Fudge.

Daniel Bouluds Bake-at-Home Valentines Day Sugar Cookies

Daniel Boulud’s Bake-at-Home Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Daniel Boulud is considered one of America’s leading culinary authorities and one of the most revered chefs in New York, his home since 1982. He is Chef-Owner of 12 restaurants around the world, and is best known for his eponymous, exquisitely refined DANIEL on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This Bake at Home Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookie Kit yields 20 cookies and includes brown sugar cookie dough, a heart shaped cookie cutter, and royal icing in a variety of pastel colors to decorate at home.

Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Vosges Love Frequency Chocolate Truffles

Vosges’ “Love Frequency” Chocolate Truffles

To Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s founder Katrina Markoff, chocolate is a medium for sharing stories from all around the world. 
With this selection of 23 gourmet chocolate truffles, she’s chosen ingredients from across the world that reflect the passion of the heart and hands that grew and crafted them and the heritage of the places they come from. Flavors include Armenian Apricot, Montmorency Cherry, Kokuto Black Sugar, Strawberry Mascarpone, and Ube Purple Potato.

Jacques Torres Heart Chocolate Box

Jacques Torres’ Chocolate’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Heart Box

The world’s most famous chocolatier, James Beard Award winner Jacques Torres is famous for his decadent bean-to-bar chocolate. Since opening his Brooklyn chocolate factory in 2000, “Mr. Chocolate” has been serving chocolate lovers from around the world who make the pilgrimage to his shops. 

Classic and sophisticated, present your Valentine with this elegant heart-shaped box which includes a mix of Jacques’ favorite signature bonbons and solid milk chocolate LOVE pieces in the center.

Brigadeiro Bakerys Valentines Day Brigadieros

Brigadeiro Bakery’s Valentine’s Day Brigadieros

Brazilian chef Mariana Vieira opened Brigadeiro Bakery in New York’s SoHo neighborhood in 2014. Brigadeiros are silky and creamy truffles originally from Brazil that are made by slowly caramelizing sweetened condensed milk, butter, and ingredients like chocolate, nuts, and fruits (depending on the flavor). After it cools down this decadent, fudgy treat is rolled in sprinkles. This year, enjoy the most popular flavors, all covered in Valentine’s Day sprinkles!

Knipschildt Valetnines Box

Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Heart Box Truffle & Bon Bon Assortment

Denmark-born chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt is one of America’s most renowned chocolate makers, a true pioneer in the world of artisan chocolate. 

This 29-piece assortment is crafted with single-origin milk and dark chocolate, with silken ganaches and hand-painted flourishes. They arrive artfully packaged, in a handcrafted heart-shaped box. Flavors may include Caramel Sea Salt, Mint, Hazelnut, Strawberry Lemon Thyme, Tangerine Ancho, and Elderflower.

Sift Dessert Bars Valentines Day Truffles

Sift Dessert Bar’s Valentine’s Day Cruffles

Sift Dessert Bar’s frosting-obsessed founder Andrea Ballus is behind the gourmet cupcakes and desserts made daily at Sift, which opened in 2008. Located in Santa Rosa, Napa, and San Francisco, California, Sift is known for its cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and their super-popular Cruffles. 

Cruffles are sweet little morsels of cake and cookie dough, all coated in chocolate. This special Valentine’s Day Collection arrives in a heart-shaped box and includes flavors like Raspberry Champagne, Red Velvet, Brownie Batter, Birthday Cake, and Milk & Cookies.

Other Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

El Bolillo Bakery’s Heart Concha Sweet Bread

El Bolillo Bakery’s Heart Concha Sweet Bread

El Bolillo Bakery was founded as a small Mexican panadería in 1998 in Houston’s Greater Heights neighborhood, and today it’s renowned as one of America’s top Mexican bakeries, and is an active member and cornerstone of Houston’s thriving Hispanic community. 

Their signature conchas are sweet & fluffy buns with a crunchy cookie top, and these pink and red Valentine’s Day heart-shaped conchas are the perfect accompaniment to coffee or hot chocolate.

Gotta Have S’More’s Valentine’s Day S’Mores

Gotta Have S’More’s Valentine’s Day S’Mores

First pitched on Shark Tank, Gotta Have S’More has taken off in popularity thanks to the fact that these are irresistibly delicious – no campfire required! To make these Valentine’s Day S’mores, a traditional graham cracker crust bottom is hand-dipped in chocolate, layered with a surprise burst of flavor, covered in roasted marshmallow, and topped with an edible V-Day themed decoration.

OddFellows Valentines ice Cream

Oddfellows’ Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Collection

Ice cream isn’t just a summer treat! Since it first opened its doors in Brooklyn in 2013, Oddfellows has debuted more than 500 different ice cream flavors, many of which are wacky, a little bit weird, and a whole lot of delicious. Their Valentine’s Collection includes Chocolate Chunk, Strawberry Jam, Chocotorta, Smoky Bourbon Vanilla, Passionberry Love Potion, and Vegan Grasshopper.

CarolinesCakes Valentines Day Cake Bites

Caroline’s Cakes Valentine’s Day Cake Bites

When Caroline Ragsdale Reutter served a Southern style 7-layer caramel cake made from an old family recipe at her son’s christening in 1982, little did she know she would soon find herself taking cake orders from as far away as Alaska.

Caroline’s Cakes has become renowned for its traditional Southern cakes, as well as their Cake Bites. This Valentine’s Day Cake Bite Collection includes 10 Chocolate Raspberry Hearts, 10 Pink Champagne, and 10 Strawberry Cream Hearts.

Shortbread Society’s Raspberry Coconut Shortbread Tray

Shortbread Society’s Raspberry Coconut Shortbread Tray

You’ve never had shortbread like this! Chef “Scottish Francis” Legge (who starred on season 5 of “Masterchef”) and his wife Christine craft decadent and delicious shortbread creations. Francis has roots in shortbread’s ancestral homeland of Scotland (as his name might imply), and he’s brought over his Granny Pearl’s treasured shortbread recipes and given them a decidedly NYC twist. 

Their Valentine’s Day Raspberry Coconut Shortbread starts with raspberry & coconut-infused shortbread with raspberry jam, which is topped with raspberry glaze and shredded coconut.

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