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Best Gifts for Spicy Food Lovers


Bullwhip Kelp and Piri Piri Hot Sauce
Bullwhip Kelp and Piri Piri Hot Sauce

If you love spicy foods, then you already know that spice isn’t just a flavor – it’s a way of life. Chileheads can spend their whole life in search of the next opportunity to sample a super-spicy chile pepper, take the next spicy food challenge, or add a new hot sauce to their collection. 

The best gifts for spicy food lovers are ones that expand their culinary boundaries while not being boring or – the worst sin of all – bland. Sure, they can grow their own chile peppers or open up a new bottle of hot sauce, but there’s a whole world of spicy foods out there that you can introduce them to. 

From spicy ramen to chile-infused chocolates to Nashville hot chicken, there’s an opportunity for every meal or snack to bring the heat. These perfect gifts for spicy food lovers are shipping straight to their door. 

What to Get Someone Who Likes Spice

nipschildt’s Spicy Bon Bons

For the Spicy-Sweet Lover: Knipschildt’s Spicy Bon Bons

Denmark-born chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt is one of America’s most renowned chocolate makers, a true pioneer in the world of artisan chocolate. His Connecticut shop is renowned for experimental chocolate flavors, and this pack includes a trio of spicy, fruity bon bons in flavors including Tangerine-Ancho, Mango Habanero, and Raspberry Jalapeno Mojito.

The Crabby Shack’s Spicy Shrimp

For the Seafood Lover: The Crabby Shack’s Spicy Shrimp

The Crabby Shack opened in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood in 2014, and the bright and friendly seafood restaurant has since become a cornerstone of the community. This peel & eat spicy shrimp comes with an addictively delicious spicy garlic butter sauce that’s kicked up with plenty of cayenne.

The Cajun Turkey Company’s Spicy Fried Turkey

For a Spice-Loving Crowd: The Cajun Turkey Company’s Spicy Fried Turkey

This Spicy Cajun Fried Turkey is the perfect centerpiece for any celebration! Perfected by Billy Howell in 1994, The Cajun Turkey Company’s signature birds are injected with a flavorful solution before being rubbed down with a spicy blend of Cajun spices, marinated overnight, and finally deep fried until juicy and perfectly cooked.

Duffs Famous Wings Buffalo Wings

For the Purist: Duff’s Famous Hot Buffalo Wings

Duff’s has been a Buffalo staple since it first opened in 1969, and its wings are basically perfect. There’s nothing like digging into a pile of spicy Buffalo wings straight from the source, and these Hot Buffalo Wings from Duff’s are indeed very spicy, and they come with fresh celery, baby carrots, and Duff’s famous bleu cheese dipping sauce. They’re also available in Medium and Mild.

Afuri’s Spicy Yuzu Ratan Ramen

For the Spice Lover With a Cold: Afuri’s Spicy Yuzu Ratan Ramen

One of the best soups on earth for a cold, this Spicy Yuzu Ratan Ramen comes from Japan’s renowned ramen shop Afuri, which opened its first location outside of Japan in Portland, Oregon, in 2016. They specialize in yuzu-style ramen, made with a small Asian citrus fruit called yuzu, and a clear chicken-based broth that’s lighter than the more common pork-based tonkotsu. This version gets kicked up with plenty of heat.

Big Shake’s Hot Chicken

For the Hot Chicken Fiend: Big Shake’s Hot Chicken

Nashville hot chicken is one of the hottest foods in America these days, and the folks at Franklin, Tennessee’s Big Shake’s Hot Chicken are doing it right. Chef Shawn “Big Shake” Davis’ original fried chicken recipe is crunchy and juicy, and he’s dishing up family meals, tenders, wings, and even fish in three heat levels: not spicy, CryBaby (mild), and Rambo (hot). A word of warming: when they say that the Rambo-level chicken is hot, they mean it!

Hatch Chile Store

For the Home Cook: Hatch Chile Store

Hatch chiles are the very foundation of New Mexican cuisine, and the Hatch Chile Store – based in Hatch, New Mexico – has been growing them for over 100 years. They’re perfect fresh or roasted in countless recipes, and any heat-seeking home cook would be lucky to receive a shipment. They offer fresh chiles in both hot and medium heat levels, fire-roasted chiles in three heat levels, and even tamales and chile rellenos. 

Weavers of Wellsville’s Spicy Sausages & Cheese

For the Picnicker: Weavers of Wellsville’s Spicy Sausages & Cheese

Weaver’s in Wellsville, Pennsylvania, has been smoking meats the Pennsylvania Dutch way since 1889. Founded by Jacob and Lily Weaver, Weaver’s of Wellsville smokes meats over an open hickory flame, using secret recipes handed down over five generations and only known today by four members of the Weaver family.

This is a sampler pack of their best-selling spicy products – Hot Pickled Bologna, Hot Smoked Sausage, Hot Honey Artisan Beef Sticks, and Hot Pepper Smoked Cheese – with some of their Original Smoked Beef Sticks included as a bonus. 

Palo Alto Firefighters’ XXX Ghost Pepper Sauce

For the Extreme Chilehead: Palo Alto Firefighters’ XXX Ghost Pepper Sauce

Palo Alto firefighter Lee Taylor started growing chile peppers in his station’s backyard in 1994, and over the years he’s perfected his hot sauce recipe. It’s a full-bodied, complex sauce that definitely brings the heat, and it’s only made with real, simple ingredients. 

His XXX Ghost Pepper Sauce is his spiciest creation yet, made with plenty of ghost peppers, one of the absolute hottest chiles on earth. It’s the perfect addition to any chilehead’s hot sauce collection, and all proceeds go to charity.

Anchor Bar Wing Sauces

For the DIY Spice Lover: Anchor Bar Wing Sauces

Buffalo’s Anchor Bar is the birthplace of the Buffalo wing, invented here in 1964 by owner Teressa Bellissimo. Millions of wing lovers come here to make the pilgrimage to try the original Buffalo wing every year, but a wing is only as good as the sauce it’s coated in! 

Anchor Bar’s wing sauces are made according to a long-held secret recipe, and this Wing Sauce Pack includes five different flavors, ready to douse wings, cauliflower bites, pizza, or anything else you can think of: Mild, Medium, Hotter, Extreme Heat, and Bar-b-que.

And that’s just the tip of the spice-berg! If you’re looking for even more gifts for spicy food lovers (or just for yourself!), you can find them here – and they’re all shipping nationwide!