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Best Lunar New Year Foods to Eat in 2024


Nom Wah Tea Parlor Dumplings
Nom Wah | Pork Dumplings

Lunar New Year is one of Asia’s biggest holidays and a time of celebration, one that represents letting go of the previous year and welcoming in the new one and all of its possibilities. Families come together to celebrate togetherness and wish each other good fortune, good health, and prosperity in the year to come. Many traditional rituals are practiced on Lunar New Year, including cleaning homes to rid them of any of the previous year’s bad luck. But like many of the world’s biggest annual celebrations, it’s the food that takes center stage.

Two of the most commonly-eaten Lunar New Year foods are dumplings and long noodles. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, families come together to wrap dumplings in the shape of ancient Chinese silver and gold ingots, which symbolize good luck. Some families hide a coin inside one of the dumplings, with good luck promised to whomever finds it. At midnight, the dumplings are eaten and fireworks are launched. Long noodles, also known as longevity noodles, are also eaten to signify long life – the longer the noodle, the better!

The Best Traditional Lunar New Year Foods

If you’re looking to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in your own home, then check out the offerings from these beloved Asian food makers

Kee Wah Panda Sweetheart Cookies

Cookies: Kee Wah Bakery

Hong Kong’s oldest & most iconic bakery, Kee Wah Bakery is renowned for its traditional Chinese sweets, including sweet buns, roll cakes, and fancy cookies in a gift box.

Nom Wah Steamed Chicken Dumpling

Dumplings: Nom Wah

NYC’s first & oldest dim sum parlor, Nom Wah has been serving up iconic Soup Dumplings, Siu Mai, & more since 1920.

Ms Chi Chicken Dumplings

Dumplings & Noodle Kits: Shirley Chung’s Ms. Chi

Ms. Chi showcases “Top Chef” alum Chef Shirley Chung’s passion for progressive Chinese American cuisine – signatures include Tea Smoked Duck, Dumplings, & Noodle Kits.

Ming Tsai

Chow Mein & Potstickers: Chef Ming Tsai

Renowned “East Meets West” celeb chef & James Beard Award winner Ming Tsai is serving up signature dishes including Potstickers, Chicken Chow Mein, & vegan “Ming’s Bings.”

Lady M Confections

Keepsake Box: Lady M Confections

New York’s Lady M Confections’ limited-edition keepsake box celebrates the Year of the Dragon with a pop-up display of spinning plum blossoms, symbolizing prosperity and growth. Inside, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of six exclusive confections, each with a unique significance for the holiday. 

Philippe Chow Dumpling

Peking Duck: Philippe Chow

One of America’s finest, most upscale destinations for Beijing-style Chinese cuisine, NYC’s Philippe Chow is renowned for its signature Peking Duck, Pork Spare Ribs, Chicken Satay, & more.

Din Ta Fung Bun

Bao Buns: Din Tai Fung

A Michelin-starred global phenomenon with more than 170 locations worldwide, Taiwan’s Din Tai Fung is best known for its steamed bao buns, filled with pork, vegetables, and even chocolate.

Jing Fong Dim Sum

Dim Sum: Jing Fong

One of America’s top dim sum restaurants, Jing Fong was founded in New York City in 1978 and has become famous for its selection of more than 200 dim sum varieties served from rolling carts, including Peking duck and BBQ roast pork buns.

Dumpling Monster Chicken Dumpling

Dumplings & Wontons: Dumpling Monster

As the name implies, LA’s Dumpling Monster knows their dumplings, and they’re shipping a wide variety of them nationwide. Founded by chef Perry Cheung, this Hollywood hotspot is serving up spicy pork wontons, chicken & chive dumplings, veggie chili wontons, pan fried pork buns, and pan fried vegan buns.

RedFarm Sichuan Chicken Dumplings

Pork Buns: RedFarm

New York’s RedFarm is one of New York’s most inventive and stylish Chinese restaurants. Its Peking duck has been hailed as New York’s best, and it’s also become renowned for its handmade pork buns and stunning dumplings in varieties including Sichuan chicken, shrimp & truffle, Five Flavor Chicken, and lamb.

Ice Cream Jubilee Lunar New Year

Ice Cream: Ice Cream Jubilee

Victoria Lai’s renowned D.C. ice cream shop is celebrating with festive limited-edition flavors including Dan Tat Brulee, Miso Caramel Peanut Cookies, Red Bean Almond Cookie, Roasted Barley Tea, and Pear Plum Wine Sorbet!

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