Ed Mitchell’s Legendary Whole Hog BBQ Goes Nationwide!

 Ed Mitchell Whole Hog BBQ Goes Nationwide

Ed Mitchell smoked his first whole hog when he was 14. Tending the fire into the early hours, Ed had impressed his grandfather so much so that he gave Ed his first swig of moonshine. That was the day Ed felt he became a man. Now he is thepitmaster of true eastern North Carolina whole hog barbecue. His habit-forming hog ‘cue has been recognized by Anthony Bourdain, the James Beard Foundation and award-winning food writers, including Michael Pollan. While writing his NYT best-selling book & Netflix series, Cooked, Pollan shadowed Ed to capture and preserve the culinary art form that’s been in the Mitchell family for over 150 years. Now, Ed has teamed up with his son to smoke free-range, grass-fed hogs, believing that by raising hogs naturally, he can get close to how barbecue was done 100 years ago. Exclusively smoking hogs for events and festivals, the only way to experience Ed Mitchell’s legendary barbecue is to have Ed send it directly to you.