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The Best Gifts for Food Lovers


Nancy Silverton's Favorite Gelato Gift Box
Nancy Silverton’s Favorite Gelato Gift Box

Food, glorious food! What’s better than gifts you can eat when it comes to picking out gifts for food lovers? From iconic regional foods to meals created by top chefs to obscure, yet useful, condiments, fabulous food is just the right fit for food explorers.

No matter what flavors your friends favor — sweet, salty, and savory munchies, sweet treats and delicious desserts, and memorable meals — we have it all. The best food gifts for food lovers ever made by 850+ food makers are here, including gifts for cheese lovers, spicy food lovers, pizza lovers, sweet tooths, picky eaters, and special diets.

What to Get for a Friend Who Loves Food?

What is a good food gift to give a friend who loves food? The answer: practically anything, but the more custom your culinary gift, the better. Determining your friend’s flavor and food crushes can help you choose the best food gift, from the best foods for travelers and home chefs to foods by country and city to foods by flavor and profile.

Depending on the occasion, you might want to pair palate-pleasing foods that fit the purpose. For dinner parties, wine, charcuterie, and cheese are classic go-to gifts, but there are more creative options like gelato gift boxes, macarons, and pastry trays. For birthday parties, decorated cakes and cupcakes, gift baskets, and drinks are typical treats but more creative options include “Happy Birthday” doughnuts, colorful cake jars, and rainbow colored birthday desserts.

Cote Korean Steakhouse The Original Butcher's Feast

For the Food Lover Who Loves to Travel

Take your taste bud on a globetrotting taste-test with foods from across the US and around the world. Sending a taste of a home to a homesick friend or a feast from a favorite travel destination or food from a far-flung place is a great way to whet your friend’s appetite for travel and food exploration. 
You can search, shop, and ship food gifts by city and the best food gifts for travel lovers.

For the Food Lover Who Loves Spice

It’s getting hot in here! Your food lover will feel hot, hot, hot when you spice things up with gifts for spicy lovers like hot sauce, hot peppers, and chicken wings. Kick your gift up a notch with the hottest — literally — food gifts.

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Prince Street Pizza
L'Artusi Signature Pasta Kit

For the Food Lover Who Loves Italian

Take your friend on a tour of Italy with the best Italian foods, including spaghetti, meatballs, lasagna, sandwiches, meats, rice balls, cannolis, and more — just like your nonna used to make. From weekday lunches to epic Sunday suppers to irresistible Italian pastries for breakfast, snack time, and anytime, these great gifts for Italian food lovers are amore.

For the Food Lover Who Snacks on Charcuterie

Go ahead, eat with your hands. Be the life of the party or the happy hour or the Sunday brunch hero with charcuterie. Earn bonus points with your foodie buddies with creative charcuterie boards filled with meats, cheese, pickled goods, dried fruits, and more. Find the perfect charcuterie board as unique as your friend. 

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CheeseBoarder Mezzo Cheese & Charcuterie Board
Jing Fong Dim Sum Kit

For the Food Lover Who Loves Asian

Take your tastebuds on a journey to the East without leaving your home with top gifts for Asian food lovers. Explore Asian food, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, and Vietnamese food. For the food lover who loves Asian food, we have dumplings, steamed buns, sushi, pho, Korean BBQ, scallion pancakes, Japanese cheesecake, and top chef meal kits that will transform your friend’s idea of takeout.

For the Food Lover Who Puts Hot Sauce on Everything

For the friend who can stand the heat, hot sauces are a fun way to spice up their life. Don’t sweat finding obscure and creative hot sauces, savory toppings, condiments & spreads because we have carefully curated the best mild, medium, hot, and atomic hot sauces for even the most die-hard hot sauce fanatics.

Bullwhip Kelp and Piri Piri Hot Sauce
Mini Melanie Birthday Cookie Decorating Kit

For the Food Lover Who Loves to Bake

Bake your favorite foodie’s day with baked goods, baking kits, and cookbooks. From apple pie to zucchini bread, the best baked goods, pastries, and desserts for food lovers who love to bake are just a click away.

For the Food Lover Who Has a Sweet Tooth

Life is sweeter with treats, desserts, and sweets from America’s best confectioners, chocolatiers, and sweet shops. You will feel like a kid in a candy store selecting sweets like:

Erin McKenna's Bakery Vegan Gluten Free Confetti Cake
Brownie Points Gift Basket

For the Food Lover Who Loves Gift Baskets

We’re gifted with dozens of gift baskets brimming with delightful and delicious foods, from exotic fruit to cheese to cookies. Each gift basket, gift box, platter, sampler, and board is carefully crafted by top chefs and artisanal food makers from across America.

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For the Food Lover Who Loves Subscriptions

For your fancy pants friend who wants to have it all, there’s Goldbelly food subscriptions. Like and subscribe to Goldbelly’s monthly, three month, six month, and 12 month subscriptions shipping the top food crushes and best sellers like BBQ, cake, pizza, and iconic foods from cities across the US.

Ice Cream Monthly Subscription
We Take the Cake Key Lime Bundt Cake

For the Food Lover Who Loves Oprah Winfrey’s O List Picks

What we know for sure…these foods are some of the talk show queen’s favorite things. What started as a monthly feature in O, the Oprah Magazine remains a must-read on Oprah Daily of the talk show host’s favorite finds, including fabulous food. Check out Oprah’s O List food picks.

For the Food Lover Who Loves Martha Stewart’s Favorite Picks

No one knows gift-giving better than Martha Stewart. The domestic diva has hand selected her favorite Goldbelly gifts and is sharing them with you. From babka and bagels to cakes and caviar to meal kits, you’ll quickly discover it’s a good thing to gift Martha Stewart’s Goldbelly favorites.

Lady M Confections Signature Mille Crepes Cake

Hook your foodie friends up with the best food gifts for food lovers. Send your friend on a food exploration with the best food gifts and regional iconic food gifts shipping nationwide on Goldbelly!