The 48 Best Super Bowl XVLII Foods in the Land

 Anchor Bar Wings from Buffalo, NY
Anchor Bar Wings from Buffalo, NY

Ahhh the Super Bowl! Other than Thanksgiving, we’re hard pressed to think of another day that food explorers are more focused on chowing down. But…any old grub won’t do. Not when it comes time for the big game. If you’re like me you know that it’s crucial to get the EARLY eats right!  If it were baseball, I’m talking about the importance of a strong leadoff hitter with a good eye.  In football, I’m talking about the speedy lil kick returner that starts you off at the 40.  You’ve gotta set the table with something epic, that takes off the edge and sets the tone.  I’m talking about Buffalo Wings from the place that invented em in Buffalo. I’m talking ’bout KC BBQ flown in from Jack Stack in K.C. or King’s BBQ in Carolina. We’re talkin about deep dish Chicago Pizza! I can’t guarantee the game will live up to the hype.  But if you start off strong, the spread on the other hand, has a good chance to be a classic.  Bust out those stretchy pants and let’s do this.

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– Joe AKA Marco Polo